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sigh There is no ethical consumption. Under capitalism or otherwise, the most ethical thing to do is consume as little as possible

Why are enviromentalists always so against nuclear power? It’s the solution to climate change - and it’s 70 years old

Stop Being a Climate Change Doomer

Yes, we’re heading towards ecological collapse, but we’re making progress…

As much as I hate capitalism, I don’t think this really amounts to stealing from the rich in a particularly tangible sense, and it’s not worth the risk to life and limb that it causes

Lean 4 Documentation (Unfinished)

Here is the Lean 4 documentation, it’s still under development…

@stertoRedditusing reddit irl

Yes, I know a number of people from Hong Kong, as it has historical ties with the UK. Xinjiang is not a community I have ever come into contact with.

The West has its propaganda, but it does have free press, unlike China, and the internet is uncensored. The same sources which tell me about the atrocities in Xinjiang which you inexplicably deny are the ones who taught me about the horrors of the British empire. My sources are not biased because they recognise flaws in both parts of the world.

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What’s wrong with it?

It links to things which are no more believable than the propaganda from the US and UK. Why should I believe any of them?

I bet you’re naive

I don’t take what the west says about china and believe it. US media is a complete shitfest. But it really isn’t hard to believe, based on the thousands of reports from muslims, and the secrecy of the Chinese authorities, as well as their global approach to criticism.

I am motivated not by a trust in the West but by a distrust in the CCP

most powerful muslim countries

Yes, well-known for being reliable and giving a shit about human rights…?

World bank

That report you linked to seems to be about aspecific set of funding, not about the situation in Xinjiang as a whole.

Do you need motivation to do good things?

Individuals motivate themselves to do good things. Organisations never do, and the CCP is an organisation. They are extremely powerful, and accountable to no-one. Their only responsibility is to destroy any threat to their power.

The West is the same. Thanks to the nightmarish capitalist system we have, it’s a dog-eat-dog, selfish part of the world.

The irony of you saying this is that I’m not saying the west is good, while YOU are saying China is good. So why are the CCP inherently good when every other organisation on the planet is riddled with corruption???

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Are you even reading my comments? I detest boris johnson and the royal family, I’m a republican socialist.

The Covid stuff is more complicated, we have bad numbers due to government incompetence and reluctance to enact lockdowns, but in terms of testing and vaccinations we are doing well, and at this stage far better than our neighbours in Europe

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It’s just common sense… China has massive online censorship, no democracy, and a history of violence against its own people. People who think the CCP are a force for good are as pathetic as those who think the CIA are

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It’s very sad to me that the Admins here are CCP sympathisers, but I don’t care because at least they aren’t US fanatic idiots like on Reddit

@stertoRedditusing reddit irl
  1. I’m British and I hate my country for all the awful atrocities it has committed.

On the other hand I love it because it is a country which has come a long way towards equality and made some positive changes.

My feelings towards China are similar. I have enormous respect for the country and it’s people and its many different fascinating cultures.

But that doesn’t mean I will forgive a genocide any more than I forgive the UK for imperialism, especially when they are ongoing!

  1. That document is interesting, but sadly I can’t take it seriously. No one is seriously naive enough to believe that China isn’t forcefully destroying the culture of the Uighurs (hence why journalists worldwide are being threatened and prevented from filming there). There is mountains of evidence, from videos to individual testimonies.

In Hong Kong, China is trying to destroy democracy because they want control, it’s extremely obvious.

Why would China’s government do good things? What motivation would they have exactly? It’s just as bad as any capitalist business, power goes to their head

GNU Cash is pretty confusing and it runs pretty slow on my computer. It has a learning curve and probably hundreds of features which less than 1% of its userbase actually use.

But I have found that it’s flexible enough to do most things I want, and I can write python scripts to automate stuff, so I think it’s good enough for anything despite its flaws

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Why do you like China so much? Big powerful government sucks just as much as big powerful companies - china has plenty of both

Interesting to find another vegan mathematician on Lemmy!

If you draw a graph it’s nice to get some intuition for why: the area under the inverse is the area to the left of the curve up to a given point. This is equal to the area of the “rectangle” minus the are under the original curve :D

I think GNU Cash is pretty good

Let me know when you use your gun to stop the current dictatorship

This guy is fantastic…

CoopCycle - A co-operative courier service federation

A worker-owned bicycle courier service. The software they use is open source, under an interesting licence that only allows use by co-operatives…

A video by Co-operatives UK on housing co-ops for students as an alternative to renting off landlords, who often treat their tenants pretty poorly…

Introducing /c/cooperatives, a community to discuss the co-operative movement!

This is a community where people can discuss the co-operative movement. I personally believe that worker co-operatives especially provide us with a peaceful and gradual way to turn our capitalist society into a socialist one, decreasing inequality signi…

Learn about the fantastic and beautiful community that has been created by a housing co-operative in the UK. This could be the future of housing for everyone, and this is something that is demonstrably possible today. Check out LILAC’s website here: http://www.lilac.coop/

Famous Author Brandon Sanderson Has Released Book "Warbreaker" Under Mostly Free Licence

Here’s a link to the PDF copy, with a short foreword explaining why he’s done it and what the exact licence is. I think this a really cool book, I’ve got the paper copy and really enjoyed it. Hope you guys can too…

Talk by Benoît Molineaux. A really inspiring story of entrepreneurship and cooperation that has created a wonderful community from nothing…

A nice video by Co-operatives UK about what co-operatives actually are…

How Will Federated Voting Work?

Surely there is no way to prevent vote manipulation if you allow votes from any instance to be counted. How does lemmy plan to get lots of vote information to help sort posts on small instances without being vulnerable to manipulation?..