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The point is to get rid of gun culture. Guns should not be a normality, whether they are banned or not. Restricting access could certainly play a role in changing the culture

No, don’t take out a loan. Just become a SpaceX TM AstroXplorer! For the small price of $5000 (and your human rights) you can get a free ticket to the planet Mars. There, you will be legally required to work a minimum of 24hrs a day, 668 days a year! Please note, your enslavement employment will be terminated if you do not meet the minimum expected workload. At this point you will no longer be welcome inside a SpaceX facility on the Martian surface, and thus you will need to relocate to an alternative premises, or buy a SpaceX Starship seat home for only $100000.

Advertising is by definition sponsored. If I tell you I think a product is good, and I’m not getting paid, that’s just called advice.

Because it means there will be a fork, which will divide the development of the app in two and waste developers’ time.

If people don’t want it, it should be possible to disable. It should probably be disabled by default.

Sure, it’s up to them at the end of the day, but I can still explain why I think it’s a terrible decision

No they didn’t. Not bothering to implement it because you don’t believe it’s important? Fine. Throwing away the work someone else has done for you? Pathetic.

Why not include a perfectly useful feature into an open source app? This just creates unnecessary division. By all means turn it off by default and hide the enable in settings, but don’t just try to throw away someone’s hard work.

It’s nothing to do with capitalism. Marketing is not an area unique to capitalist economies.

Worst of all, driving people away from official releases puts them more at risk of downloading malware, and wastes the time of developers. By all means turn it off by default, but refusing to include a feature IS an anti-feature.

When we read the news, we care not just about accuracy but relevance. It’s no good presenting a bunch of true facts and reporting nothing about the most important issues of our time. In fact, doing so is misinforming people.

Advertising is the same. Just because a company has the most money doesn’t mean their products are deserving of our brain space.

Advertising is inherently biased. What you describe, “not made or paid by the seller” is NOT advertising.

Imagine I came to you and say “would you like this sandwich?”. You might take it, if you felt hungry or liked the filling. Now imagine I come up to you and say “I’ll pay you 100 (insert currency) to eat this sandwich”. Suddenly, the sandwich becomes decidedly less appealling…

The sandwich is advertising, and eating it is exposing it to your brain. If it were really beneficial to you, no one would be getting paid.

They can have their beliefs, but once it’s available I’ll be switching straight over to the sponsorblock-enabled version thank you very much

It’s unlikely that genetics play no role. One of the main factors is believed to be the conditions in utero. These are, of course, affected by the genes of the mother, at least in part.

unproved and unconfirmed

Sure, but it’s not relevant. It’s unlikely that genetics plays no role whatsoever, and impossible that it is completely determined by genetics.

Raising a person does not give them genes

Yes, I know. That’s not what the article is suggesting at all. The gay uncle supports his siblings in raising children. Those children share genes with the uncle, therefore the “gay” genes get passed on.

Just because there isn’t a gay gene doesn’t mean genetic factors don’t affect sexuality. It’s believed to be a combination of genetic factors, conditions in the uterus (which are affected by the genes of the mother as well) and other factors.

Siblings share a lot of genetic similarities. A gay uncle who supports their siblings at raising children will improve the probability that those shared genes are passed on.

I don’t disagree with your conclusion, but why does that phrase indicate it’s nonsense?

Jabber is another protocol, so yes it is different to both. Like Matrix, Jabber (which is the same as XMPP) is an open decentralised protocol so people can talk to each other even if they are using different providers (like email). However, Matrix supports bridging so in theory with some effort you can talk between Matrix and XMPP.

XMPP is not as sophisticated as Matrix because afaik it is not actively being developed by any organisations.

can’t be arsed to watch a two hour video on the subject

Oh I’d happily dedicate more than two hours of my life towards becoming more informed on the issue, I’m just not convinced your video will do that.

It’s a gain from pretty much every perspective.

It simply isn’t. Russia is not the USSR, as much as that may sadden Putin. The country is not willing or ready to go it alone. The oligarchs losing their power abroad will hurt Putin, not help him.

have enormous impact on every aspect of European economy.

Complete nonsense. Some industries will be greatly affected, including the most important such as energy. But the reality is that Russia cannot afford to stop selling fossil fuels to the EU, and can do nothing to stop the inevitable transition away from fossil fuels over the next few decades. Once that is complete (something that should have happened years ago), Russia will have no bargaining chips left.

This is what’s been driving right wing nationalism.

You’re right. What does this have to do with Putin?

an actual expert

Expert or no, I’m not watching a two-hour video.

War is not cheap, but it’s absurd to think that Russia hasn’t considered that

It’s very apparent from the strategies employed by the Russian army (attacking on multiple fronts with too few troops to last in drawn out conflict) that they were expecting the war to last a matter of days or at most a couple of weeks, before the majority of the troops holding major cities in the centre and east of the country had surrendered. So yes, of course Russia knows how expensive it is, that’s precisely why they are withdrawing troops in the North.

financial independence from the west

How is this a gain? They could have this at any time they please?? The west has been (and will continue) to turn a blind eye to the activities of Russian oligarchs.

Calling this unprovoked shows stunning lack of understanding of geopolitics and history

If you call Ukraine arming itself “provocation”, you have no respect for the sovereignty and independence of the Ukrainian people and culture. Ukraine’s army 10 years ago would have been wiped out in days, Ukraine would no longer exist.

The only justification for war against another nation is self-defense. Wars of aggression are inherently immoral and unjustifiable, and imperialist. Yes, many NATO countries (e.g. US, UK) have blood on their hands for such actions all over the world.

What’s going to matter long term is the economy and EU has completely gutted theirs at this point.

Sure, but mainly due to the pandemic rather than anything to do with Ukraine. Energy security is a big problem, but one that needed solving ten years ago to prevent catastrophic climate change.


Le Pen

Orban’s government is a propaganda machine of epic proportions. Both politicians are right-wing populists which are very trendy at the moment in the west, for reasons unrelated to Putin. Le Pen as far as I’m aware is not pro-Putin in the slightest.

Does anyone else get motivation swings?
I'm currently preparing for exams which are very important to me. Some days I can work for 6 hours or more without stopping and I get loads done and feel great about it. Unfortunately some days I get up and I can't bear to work. On bad days, I feel like I can't focus on anything, and no matter how much it stresses me out, my brain just refuses to put any effort in. I have no motivation and just feel like going to sleep or giving up and doing something to waste time. Generally I find if I work a lot one day the next day is more likely to be a bad day. Does anyone else have this? How do you prevent this or at least cope with it?

Easy Puzzle #1
Let f be a function. We are told that f^2 (f composed with itself) has a **unique** fixed point. How many fixed points could f have?

Stop Being a Climate Change Doomer
Yes, we're heading towards ecological collapse, but we're making progress.

Lean 4 Documentation (Unfinished)
Here is the Lean 4 documentation, it's still under development

This guy is fantastic

CoopCycle - A co-operative courier service federation
A worker-owned bicycle courier service. The software they use is open source, under an interesting licence that only allows use by co-operatives.

A video by Co-operatives UK on housing co-ops for students as an alternative to renting off landlords, who often treat their tenants pretty poorly

Introducing /c/cooperatives, a community to discuss the co-operative movement!
This is a community where people can discuss [the co-operative movement](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90FL_bBE4mw). I personally believe that worker co-operatives especially provide us with a peaceful and gradual way to turn our capitalist society into a socialist one, decreasing inequality significantly by replacing enormous wealth with social ownership.

Learn about the fantastic and beautiful community that has been created by a housing co-operative in the UK. This could be the future of housing for everyone, and this is something that is demonstrably possible *today*. Check out LILAC's website here: http://www.lilac.coop/

Famous Author Brandon Sanderson Has Released Book "Warbreaker" Under Mostly Free Licence
Here's a link to the PDF copy, with a short foreword explaining why he's done it and what the exact licence is. I think this a really cool book, I've got the paper copy and really enjoyed it. Hope you guys can too.

Talk by Benoît Molineaux. A really inspiring story of entrepreneurship and cooperation that has created a wonderful community from nothing.

A nice video by Co-operatives UK about what co-operatives actually are.

How Will Federated Voting Work?
Surely there is no way to prevent vote manipulation if you allow votes from any instance to be counted. How does lemmy plan to get lots of vote information to help sort posts on small instances without being vulnerable to manipulation?