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The canonical way to write math is to format it in Latex. If you’re planning to do it graphically, live then I don’t know of a good tool but I also can’t think why you’d want to do that?

The matrix client Element has E2EE and is very usable. I think Signal is a good messenger and since it is open source I think it has a lot going for it, but ultimately I think Matrix is a better solution to the problems with messaging.

Yeah I’m not really sure I don’t know many Gitter users. It could go badly but the team at Element are pretty good at making chat applications, they have kept on the guy who was previously doing most of the work, and there is the potential for Gitter accounts being very useful for contacting many more people/engaging with many more open source projects.

Yep, social.coop is an example. And paying for things once you are using them reasonably heavily is fair game, as long as all costs are made clear at the start and there are lots of alternatives, which is something decentralised platforms benefit from. This is in contrast to pay-to-win or hidden freemium costs.

I think this is a valid point, but also…

Has this person ever heard of desktop linux? Do they have any understanding of what free software is? You choose what software you run on the phone, so you have to take responsibility and make sure you install software that is somewhat respected. The software is provided “as is” to protect the rights of the developers who are often not paid (or not paid much) for their efforts.

Sure, you might not be able to blame someone if there is a flaw, and flaws in the software might be more likely in some cases because there is less money being spent of security overall, but that’s really missing the point. In other phones you just have to trust the software, you can’t even check it or ask someone else to check that it is doing what it says it is.

CoopCycle - A co-operative courier service federation

A worker-owned bicycle courier service. The software they use is open source, under an interesting licence that only allows use by co-operatives…

They got there by hindering owning and driving a car as much as possible, making it a pain in the ass to do so, taxing car sales, and introducing aggressive pro bike laws, and rolling out bike infrastructure everywhere, taking space away from cars.

Firstly, I think the analogy is very flawed as I don’t believe that an electric car is a step towards being a bicycle rider, while being vegetarian is certainly progress towards being vegan.

Furthermore, I think there’s a huge chicken-and-egg problem with this. There will not be enough people biking without pro-bike legislation, but there will be no pro-bike legislation without sufficient numbers of bicycle riders. These things rarely happen quickly, but they aren’t happening as quickly as they should. Criticising people who take steps in the right direction is not only unhelpful but categorically incorrect, as those people are a necessary part of the movement as a whole.

I’m not suggesting that anything you said in that comment was wrong. I’m challenging whether it is a supporting argument for your preposterous claim that vegetarians are worse than omnis

But some people need a car for their job, and could not do without it. Those that have electric cars are demonstrating that they care about the enivronment, which raises awareness, and allows us to move towards a society free of fossil fuels. Yes, they are bad, but you’ll get nowhere by saying that people who sympathise with your cause and listen to and agree with you are “worse than” the people who simply ignore what you have to say.

All the male chicks which obviously cannot lay eggs are macerated shortly after birth.

This is ridiculous. Transitioning to a plant-based diet is not an easy thing to do for many people. Those that are vegetarian have been pivotal in raising awareness about animal sufferring and providing more eating options everywhere in society. It provides a way for people to slowly but surely move towards the ideal vegan diet without putting their health at risk.

I said I wasn’t going to continue the discussion, which I haven’t. But I will continue the conversation to defend the fact that you have been attacking me while I have simply been sharing my opinion and acknowledging facts about the two countries

You really need to check yourself. You’re the one who’s spewing hatred at me, when all I’ve done is expressed my viewpoint. No one is going to take your side in an argument if you treat them like this.

I’m not going to continue this discussion:

  • You’re using whataboutism constantly, despite me saying that I don’t like the US or think it is a good country.
  • You’re creating a strawman by claiming that I’m “selling” you USA
  • You’re ignoring the Uighur genocide, despite there being objective proof of its existence. This means I cannot engage with you if you accept ethnocide as something you will tolerate.

I’m not a systemd hater but I believe there is a lot of value to the Unix philosophy. Our tech is completely plagued by bloated software that wastes resources with adverts, spyware and DRM. By choosing more minimalistic free software we can understand the programs we use and take control over our technology.

Firstly, I’m not American and I’ve said very clearly multiple times that I do not like America. Secondly, it’s pretty funny to talk about genocide of muslims as someone who likes the CCP, who are most infamously currently running genocidal “re-education” (read: concentration) camps for innocent muslims.

Democratic countries have enacted LGBT rights across the globe, including marriage equality and rights to adopt. They have enabled freedom of the press which has revealed and brought justice for many crimes. They have protected many from poverty through welfare programs, though it is well accepted that they could do much more. They provide millions with education and funding for scientific research.

China is pretty close to being state capitalist. That means that they do live in a combination of an oligarchy and a plutocracy. It is impossible to entirely avoid a plutocracy without eliminating money. China still has its billionaires and power is concentrated in unelected politicians and explicitly chosen businessmen.

You can appreciate the successes and shortcomings of both the USA and China. Neither is anywhere near perfect, nor is either purely evil.

But there’s no need to be a such a CCP fanboy just because I say:

  • I’d rather live in a country where I’m legally allowed to live my life as a gay man, adopt children and marry.
  • I’d rather live in a country where I can openly criticise the plutocracy they have and campaign for socialism.
  • I don’t want to live in a country where I’m not allowed to criticise the government for fear of being arrested, where I’m not even allowed to talk about tragedies such as the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

I have no idea why you’re a CCP sympathiser. Even if life in China is better than the US that doesn’t change the fact that China is an authoritan regime who persecutes the Uyghurs, has no democracy and has mass surveillance to prevent anyone speaking out about them.

Just because you like socialism doesn’t mean you have to like the CCP. I’m a socialist and I think both China and US have extremely flawed systems.

What are you on about? I hate the USA. It’s an extremely corrupt nation, practically a dystopia. But I also hate China. It’s not black or white, you don’t have to like one to dislike the other. I would rather live in the US though, because they have some democracy and more freedom of speech than China.

Also just because Hong Kong residents believe it doesn’t mean they are right.

A video by Co-operatives UK on housing co-ops for students as an alternative to renting off landlords, who often treat their tenants pretty poorly…

Introducing /c/cooperatives, a community to discuss the co-operative movement!

This is a community where people can discuss the co-operative movement. I personally believe that worker co-operatives especially provide us with a peaceful and gradual way to turn our capitalist society into a socialist one, decreasing inequality signi…

Learn about the fantastic and beautiful community that has been created by a housing co-operative in the UK. This could be the future of housing for everyone, and this is something that is demonstrably possible today. Check out LILAC’s website here: http://www.lilac.coop/

Famous Author Brandon Sanderson Has Released Book "Warbreaker" Under Mostly Free Licence

Here’s a link to the PDF copy, with a short foreword explaining why he’s done it and what the exact licence is. I think this a really cool book, I’ve got the paper copy and really enjoyed it. Hope you guys can too…

Talk by Benoît Molineaux. A really inspiring story of entrepreneurship and cooperation that has created a wonderful community from nothing…

A nice video by Co-operatives UK about what co-operatives actually are…

How Will Federated Voting Work?

Surely there is no way to prevent vote manipulation if you allow votes from any instance to be counted. How does lemmy plan to get lots of vote information to help sort posts on small instances without being vulnerable to manipulation?..