The Co-operative Movement

A nice video by Co-operatives UK about what co-operatives actually are…


Thoughts on mixed-use development housing co-ops?

Mixed use development is the technical term for a building with residences and store fronts and/or office spaces combined. For example, an apartment with the first floor being shops and restaurants. While co-ops consisting of these buildings are more rare, as far as I know there are some. …

In which we are joined by Gemma and Alex from Common Knowledge, a cooperative “designing digital tools that make radical change possible”…

“The most important aspect of the democratic ownership agenda is the battle against the class tyranny of property”…

Collective Courage: A Short History of Black Co-operatives in America

The long tradition of African American cooperation is not well known, and in her book Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice, Jessica Gordon Nemhard sets out to remedy that gap in our knowledge. …

The DisCO Project is a friendly and carefully planned approach for organizations that want to create and share value in ways that are cooperative, commons-oriented and rooted in feminist economics…

How do ownership housing co-ops work?

Non-ownership housing co-ops are simple enough to imagine: basically you’re renting the house, but instead of paying a for-profit land lord, you pay a nonprofit designed to benefit everyone who lives in the apartment complex. But how would ownership housing co-ops work? Does the initial price of buy…

CoopCycle - A co-operative courier service federation

A worker-owned bicycle courier service. The software they use is open source, under an interesting licence that only allows use by co-operatives…

The Co-operative Movement

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