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The pavilion plugin was promised ages ago though no?

I was hoping discourse would actually integrate it as a first class part of the application but they seem to be shy of it. And with no solid plugin to serve as a proof of concept it doesn’t feel like the issue will be resolved anytime soon.

Furthermore there seems to be a real problem with how to treat identity in the fediverse. I feel like that problem is still unresolved. I hear people talking about did etc but I’m not educated on the matter well enough to really say much about it.

Calling this a “robot” is a bit of a stretch but still cool.

What exactly is braxman? My dad started showing me his stuff and he struck me as a scammer.

This might be something you need to do some user research on.

Personally I find this choice weird and a bit ugly in its own way but ultimately that’s a matter of subjective aesthetic preference.

Why make the upvote icon a thumbs up?
Just curious.

thank you for the info. The article I said highlighted it as a potential point of conflict with Russia but I’m not deeply into that subject so I don’t really know.

I really like Lemmy but it is true that it does have some issues attracting active contributors or commentators. I think some of this might be because it’s a little more explicitly political as a project. Some of it is because it’s newer I think. Some of it is because less people use stuff like reddit to begin with, so it’s kind of a niche audience.

There’s been issues with troll brigading in the past which I think makes the community a little more insular by default.

Is this related to China also limiting cpus to Russia? I read something about that earlier this week.

But this works when it’s hosted on imgur too. Or maybe that’s just an RES feature I forgot wasn’t native.

Also I use the third party app client Boost which does this too. But again it’s not the actual reddit site, it’s probably doing some extra work.

Ranger is great. Similar to Mc.

Also like warp door which basically is bookmarks for your file directory.

And jump is great it’s like a fuzzy finder for locations in your directory.

I think you misunderstand me. There is only one link. It is a link to a mastodon post. That post has 4 images. Reddit is able to take a imgur gallery (which is a single link) and preview all the images in that gallery. I don’t know exactly how it does this but I imagine it’s probably doing some kind of web crawling when it detects that it is a imgur gallery and then crawls the separate images that are found on the page that the gallery link leads to.

Please cross post to /c/unions

I’m on mobile and still can’t do that in jerboa.

Feature request: preview images from image posts on mastodon like they’re an image gallery rather than serving a browser link
Let's say you're on reddit and someone posts an imgur gallery, from an app like Boost you can view and browse that album without leaving boost. But if I post a link to a mastodon toot that has 4 images, and I click the post in jerboa it will instead open a new window into the actual mastodon page. I've argued for the value of "post once distribute everywhere" but if that paradigm isn't right for the fediverse at the very least the ux for linking mastodon image posts could be improved. Instead of posting once distributing everywhere it would be at least possible to post once and then link everywhere. (this doesn't fix issues like trying to get stuff like pixelfed working but it's worth a thought)

Property is a spook. Post scarcity is here. We have to adapt our economic system to the new reality.

Shakespeare didn’t invent Romeo and Juliet you know? Back in the day artists didn’t have a concept of IP. People would just freely rip off and adapt one another.

Would this be useful for user research?

@nutomic is there a way I could make some scripts to do this myself? Do y’all have recommends generic solutions if I unwanted to build some content distribution tools that plugged into mastodon, pixelfed, lemmy etc?

Midjourney. Stable diffusion can be fine tuned with additional image sets too though idk if it can be used as an actual prompt the way midjourney does out of the box.

This is also an accessiblity concern. People with bad eyesight might need it to be bigger.

I don’t think being able to post to multiple communities is an anti feature. Like I said there are plenty of legit uses for it.

At the end of the day I want to post content and the fediverse doesn’t make it easy as it could be. I share your anti-spam values but I think you really just got to open up your mind a little that other people have other needs from ui and trying to force a single solution as canonical becsuse you don’t personally need it is short sighted.

That said this is open source so I could just make the solution myself it’s just I’m lazy and not really technically competent enough to take it on at this time.

I will say I run a mastodon for a labor organization. And the needs of an org are different than the needs of an individual. Orgs pay people to post. Yes this sucks because it means brands get on social media but there’s also lots of orgs that are non profit or activist focused. And where are they going to go when they want to post? Not the fediverse if the centralized media is easier.

A mailing list can work for an open source project but github/lab is easier. You want a vibrant open source project you can’t just throw up barriers and then expect people to crawl over them because you personally prefer a mailing list. That doesn’t mean that mailing lists are bad but it’s that pluralism is necessary in open source ux. Ultimately the goal should be to give the users the power over their own experience.

I don’t think it’s necessary for comments to be unified between peer tube and lemmy per se. Different websites have different audiences. Centralizing comments can have some value but I think the main issue I have here is as a content creator, posting to the fediverse is full of friction.

You want content, you got to make it easy for people to post. I want to post my stuff to lemmy and mastodon but I find myself posting to centralized social media more because it’s just easier.

I think this honestly one of those things where open source people veer into snob territory. It’s like when people objected to making Linux desktop gui better because “you can do it in the terminal better!”

Adopting a more pluralistic view it ux would be wise imo. I don’t think the fediverse has a spam problem. It has a “not enough content” problem.

This is good for mastodon I’m sure which I like but I kind of feel like Vivaldi is a little over packed with stuff. I use it on mobile because Chrome made a change to the way tab groups where handled which I wasn’t a fan of and I feel like Firefox mobile kinda sucks. I used Mozilla on desktop for the longest time but recently switched after getting a new laptop because it just can’t properly sync my bookmarks between machines with the same account so I got tired and switched back to Chrome after swearing it off. I’d love to know a mobile browser in the chromium family that has proper syncing for the account and has both a good desktop and mobile experience. I just found Vivaldi overwhelming with all the extra crap I didn’t want.

Oh thanks. Not in jerboa yet I guess.

It’s for all generated art. So neural network stuff but also algorithmic, simulated, 3d, interactive installations, and electronic hardware stuff too!

Why does pleorma attract bad actors?

Will this fix the fact that YouTube and Google image search have been broken now for years?

And I’m arguing that concepts have no independent reality apart from words.

The word is not the concept. But the concept is also jot the material reality. You’re reifying concepts and treating them as if they have some sort of transhistorical reality.