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If you make broad and inaccurate statements about your communications product being “secure”, then when the political prisoners who believed you are being tortured and hanged, it’s on you.

That’s quite true. People delightful at their need to provide high-horsed “recommendations” about messaging products should refrain from doing so.

Honest Question
In a country where law and order could fail, rioters can burn buildings and ransack the capitol, and a President can be silenced on social media platforms overnight, why is it so far fetched to think that the elections were indeed rigged?

You can use other browsers like Kiwi and Brave which are based on the open source Chromium and do support extensions. Its been a very vocal demand since last few years, I hope Google listens to their users’ cries and brings extensions to Chrome too.

Good, congrats! I can see that the development instance (dev.lemmy.ml) is also redirecting to lemmy.ml from today onwards. I was using this development instance until now.


There seems to be a small bug on this new instance though. The theme change from settings isn’t effected once you refresh and move to a different page, it reverts back to the default theme.

As much as we would like to hate the capitalists, most of the FOSS funding and contributions come from either them directly or non-profits who are funded by them. If you are going 100% anti-capitalist, how will you survive and how will you eat your bread?

None of the foundations are working towards their purpose. I don’t see FSF advocating vehemently for libre office or Linux Foundation asking people to install linux on their desktops. Only the community is doing the efforts, people are advocating open source themselves, not any foundation.

But the danger of developer being able to control updates from upstream will still be there with Flatpak, isn’t it? Such danger wasn’t present with apt/dnf/zypper.

He opined something on the Epstein case which turned out to be too controversial and politically incorrect for the cancel culture lobby. So, they cancelled him entirely on just about everything instead of cancelling his opinion. He lost his job and fellowship at MIT as his staffers were also concerned about the lobby’s opinion, and all people have to say about the founder of GNU and free software movement today is about that one single opinion. That’s the pea-sized brain today’s generation has been reduced to.

I want to understand how Musk calling someone a pedo (on record) is any better on an ethical scale than RMS stating his controversial opinion about a case? You can’t give an absolute clean chit to one guy and just cancel out the other.

To be specific here, RMS was more of a victim of cancel culture than political correctness, so you’re right. Any attempts to absolve or defend Musk while trying to trash RMS can only come from the corporate IT world which directly benefits from RMS getting trashed.

Its all about political correctness. Elon Musk literally said the p*** word for someone and everyone took it jokingly (even the local court judge!). RMS, on the other hand, just shares his controversial opinion and everyone is suddenly pitchforks.

Amazon in ecommece is exception to the rule. In almost any other industry, be it traditional like metals and chemicals, plastic, etc. or services sector like hotels and trips, banking or IT, all those fields are riddled with competition. Now, that makes one wonder why a few monopolies like Amazon, Google, etc. are able to sustain? Is it due to a lack of interest or ability by other players or some other factor (like entry and information barriers)?

I’d rather they become fully open source by 2030!

No love for Ubuntu here! It comes with useful tools like gparted which help you partition drives and do lots of other stuff.

Sites adapting to ranking factor wouldn’t be such a huge problem if the people weren’t so stupid and clicked the top link on SERP without thinking. People can also contribute by starting to use other better search engines like DDG.