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thank I will look that , I also found doc for sway

help to Install Hikari (wayland)

Hey I would try wayland with hikari but I don’t really understand how work wayland, void_Doc is light , I also find this but is fo…

I found this but not perfect (not on same line…)

PROMPT_COMMAND If set, the value is executed as a command prior to issuing each primary prompt.



also easy to selfhost with yunohost

minimalistic xmobar inspired status bar, in a terminal emulator…

Lessy.io is also a good option, not a mobile app but different approch https://lemmy.ml/post/31819

But element.io (matrix) is really powerfull with some bridge to other chat

There is getsession.org it’s signal crypto but decentralized and whitout phone number

Lessy is different of other “project managers” or “todo-list applications”. …

Parrot Linux OS

All-in-one framework for Cyber Security, Software Development and Privacy Defense. …


Find some month ago, Just try, it’s very fast for search something …