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how make prompt PS1 Dynamic ? (battery status)
HI, I don't use bar and status, only WM and some apps, so I use PS1 for see clock and battery status, clock change each time I enter a new prompt line but status battery change only with new shell example : `PS1="$(cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity)% \A"` thanks

bashoneliners: collection of shell commands
"We want to document one-liners for frequent (non-trivial) tasks executed in the shell"

explainshell: explain what a command means,
linux shell manpage help

A study timer made in bash [feedback]
I wasn't easily able to find a command line study timer so I made one. I'm not a great programmer so I was wondering if I could get some feedback. Cheers!

[1/2/2021 PROJECT GOT DELETED] A Static Site Generator Made by Taminaru in Bash!
A Static Site Generator Made by Taminaru in Bash! The current features are: - Creating and editing posts in Markdown. - Using templates, variables. - Configuration, both local and universal (explained in [README]( It's around 80% complete, so any contribution is appreciated (i would help if i wasn't lazy af lul). Anyway here's the source code:

Talk about the Bash Shell and Bash scripting.

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