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Vitamin C is part of the official NIH Covid-19 Guidelines.

You can’t just say “Just get the vaccine” and stop there. That’s the opposite of science. Anything that has any potential to help people should be studied. Especially in cases where the medicine is highly available and low cost for disadvantaged people around the world.

Also, lots of medications (including ivermectin) are addressed in the official guidelines.

I have zero interest in getting in an argument for what people should or shouldn’t take. But to constantly refer to ivermectin as a “horse dewormer” is disinformation of a different kind. It’s fear mongering. And it’s harmful. It’s a great drug for certain human conditions and to fear monger it could really have a negative effect on people who might actually need it for treatment.

When people were doing this with Hydroxychloroquine it made it very difficult to get. My mother legitimately needed it for her health treatment and because people kept using it as a political issue it made it very difficult.

So I think instead of vilifying people or medications that can be used to help people, just stick to the truth. There’s no consensus. There’s no harm in studying it. Talk to your Dr.

I haven’t used logcat so excuse my ignorance, but from what I read it’s a log dumper.

What log file is the login info originally stored in?

Is it plaintext in the log file itself, or is it only plaintext after bring filtered through logcat?

I really like OpenLauncher! It’s nice looking and very responsive even on my very old phone. It does folder/category grouping on the desktop/dock, supports gestures and supports icon packs and color theming. I can’t set the wallpaper directly with OpenLauncher, but I usually set those with the gallery app and that works fine for me.

I believe Ubuntu has Shotwell installed by default. While it’s mainly a photo library organizer, it can also be used as a default image viewer (and then from there you can access its editing tools). Right click on an image and you should be able to “open with” Shotwell Image Viewer.

What about Mousepad or Featherpad? Gedit, Pluma, Geany are a little more featured but still good and snappy. Cudatext is like a mix of simple editor and Atom-like code editor. But it’s one of the faster editors I’ve used.

Have you tried MusicBrainz Picard?

If I understand right, you ripped a bunch of CDs using FreeDB but now want to use the MusicBrainz tags? Picard should be able to do that in bulk.

IDK what header image would be more fitting than this. If you can find one I could consider changing it to that if that satisfies you.

My vote is a scrotum pic.

Doesn’t the idea of needing a piece of hardware for every CAPTCHA seem even worse? They claim that’s going to take 5 seconds?

Good. That was an overreaction and a little silly.

Ethical issues aside, the research does highlight valid problems. I’d like to see the maintainers or the Linux Foundation address those problems and at least begin a discussion on how they could make the system better in the future to strengthen the review process.

They also enforce their licenses and have a legal team to enforce violations of those licenses. They enforce violations on their copyrighted code, but I think also provide legal assistance to others using their licenses if their code is abused.

Edit: info on that

I believe they also fund the development of the GNU project (GCC, Bash, C Library, coreutils, etc). They maintain the copyrights to that software as well.