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Yes, I’ve been able to follow multiple communities, though only top level posts seem to be federated out.

You can’t follow users, only groups/communities. You can paste a Lemmy URL into mastodon search bar to load the post for sharing or commenting

A Tale Of Two Ecosystems: On Bandcamp, Spotify And The Wide-Open Future
> does our 21st-century business world really have to be so much like Spotify, and so little like Bandcamp?

Include a Replies Collection via Page json, so that Mastodon & other #ActivityPub software can know about all the replies each Lemmy post has

Great work!

Question: can only local users post to a group?

A great exploration or the tenets and politics beyond the aesthetics

Not sure it’s worth it

Will lemmy use the Group model? It would be great to be able to follow a group from other implementations!

Edit: the model and everything in the docs looks sound, I guess the question is when will users outside of lemmy be able to follow groups, post to the and comment on posts?

(Self hosted) Wordpress is a classic choice. There is even an ActivityPub plugin.