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It’s really still difficult for me to have an opinion on it rn because I can’t tell what is true. What things are state department propaganda or Russian propaganda. I guess I still feel like the DPR and LPR should get independence and I’m sort of glad that there is some foreign intervention on their behalf because it sounded like they were being slaughtered by Ukrainian military before.

I don’t know that Russia had many more options but I hate that it came to this.

I believe they are apartments more than I believe that they are concentration camps. But, that isn’t enough for a lot of westerners. They believe the BBC regardless of its proven us as a propaganda outlet

The Journal of Combinatorial Theory published by Elsevier had all of its editors resign in protest in 2020. Mathematicians then made their own open-access journal "Combinatorial Theory" with no publication or reading fees. Their first issue was published recently!

This is straight up one of the goofiest ones that I’ve ever read. A person with a single brain cell could tell that it’s made up. But, it still made it to the front page of reddit lmao

Well, the caption for the image was “Satellite images show rapid construction of camps in Xinjiang, like this one near Dabancheng.” The article doesn’t mention anything beyond that about it though so I couldn’t find any information about it.

If it is apartments, I would love to know that so then I can always show people making claims of concentration camps that this one specifically is innocuous. Which, is a piece of the puzzle about the sinister story that western media outlets have created out of almost nothing.

There have been tons of other claims like this that have been disproven and I wanted to know if anyone here was familiar with this one.

Sorry if I struck a nerve. I wasn’t sure where to post this and I thought this was the most active China-related community. The photo was found in this BBC article: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-22278037 . I’ve seen a lot of debunking of satellite images revealing them to be innocuous things like high schools, government buildings, or typical prisons. I didn’t know if any information like this existed about the images above. But, I couldn’t find any based on several simple searches.

Do you know of a community where this post would fit better? Thank you!

Is the Black-Scholes equation actually of equal importance to most of the others?

For future reference you can use emojipedia to search a specific emoji and find the platform that has the emoji that looks right.

Not really familiar. Anything you would recommend?

No. I think that burning books is sometimes the solution.

I can’t believe it was just now legalized. Is Switzerland actually that conservative, or is this just a byproduct of their very inefficient method of governance?

I had no idea this was how real estate in China works. I’ll be honest though, a lot of this video went over my head.

I prefer the story based original idea. I think that advice should be a different community.

I would think: wow! That person kinda looks like Jeff Bezos. Then maybe get a picture from a distance to show people how similar this person looks to Jeff Bezos.

Plans for a hide button?
I was wondering if there are any plans for a hide feature so that I'm less likely to view the same content repeatedly.