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I’m also worried they don’t provide any warning to users that use the default GBoard keyboard, which sends pretty much everything you type to Google (or has the ability to do that).

Will be interesting to see how this plays out with the CLOUD Act, which was created to prevent european subsidiaries of american companies to share data with the us government.

This news has been circulating for the couple of days, but the data is mostly public information and some “non public” (but not the result of hacking, so I assume private, commercial databases?) information.

The big takeaway is that so much of our lives end up on the public internet and when it does we lose control. Unfortunately, there is no way out of this.

I recommend Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine, it shows that the connections between US tech companies and the US military has been going on since the beginning of the internet.

I’m in the UK and I pay 25 pounds per month for unlimited data with 3. I like it because I get free roaming in a lot of countries.

On the other hand I pay 35 pounds per month for a 70Mb line that’s down for several hours every week which forces me to pay an additional 20 pounds per month on a 4G home router.

+1 for OpenSUSE. I tried to give Fedora a go, but dnf is really slow when compared to zypper so I went back to OpenSUSE.

Same but foie gras.

By default, Firefox sends telemetry data to Mozilla and has a persistent websocket connection for push notifications. People are annoyed that they claim to be privacy friendly while their defaults are not.

I also don’t see the problem in sending the .patch file as attachment. It’s not the recommended way but it’s good enough and foolproof.

You probably want to update to picom, compton is not maintained anymore.

I really like your conky configuration.

I use redshift and I live in a place with access to electricity (crazy…) and can turn the lights on at night.

+1 for org mode. I use it for notes and projects using the PARA method (Projects , Areas, Resources, Archive). Resources are my personal wiki. Note that I don’t really care about linking so I don’t need the extra provided by org-roam.

The Futurama episode about Fry’s dog.

ASP.NET Core is actually quite nice to work with, I’ve been using it for a couple of years together with F# on Linux and it’s great.

I use bash because it’s the default and the alternatives are not that much better that it’s worth switching.

They won’t find any backdoor since all the juicy data goes to NSA backdoored companies anyway.

According to this researcher, TikTok does not collect any more data than any other social app. Unlike the reddit post, this one contains some proof of what they collect and how to reproduce the results yourself.

Microsoft seems to be always the done doing the US government dirty work. Remember how right after acquiring Skype they removed the P2P calls and everything had to pass through their (NSA backdoored) servers?

Thanks, I also used to be into dark themes but at some point text started to become blurry and so I switched back to light themes.

This is the light theme I'm using now. I find light themes to be easier on my eyes. * **Distro**: Fedora * **Editor**: Emacs in server mode * **Mail Client**: Emacs + mu4e * **Font**: Source Code Pro * **WM**: bspwm * **Status Bar**: polybar [Link to dotfiles](https://git.sr.ht/~fra/dotfiles).

But remember, “we hate the CCP, not the Chinese people”.