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No one has mentioned metafilter yet??

Its like a reddit that never acquired enough critical mass to become huge and attract shitty people but at the same time attracted enough people to become its own stable little community.

I particularly enjoy that there is a tradition of making high effort posts where people link together several links on a topic/news story into a paragraph about it. Posts often feel like interesting mini blog posts about a topic rather than just a short description and link and I often find myself learning really interesting things reading metafilter.

It is full of generally left leaning people and the site is maintained by paid moderators so I have never run into toxic bullshit there.

Also I think to make an account to post you have to make a one time payment of $5 or so to discourage people from joining who don’t actually want to be there (and discourage trolls).


Does it support VSTs? I mean, I am all for moving away from VSTs but the fact is right now it is very difficult to avoid them.

Also luftikus and helm are great!

I have no love for Valve, but I don’t think it can be argued that SteamOS and Steam in general helped jump start linux support for games. I think linux support was always going to increase but I don’t think it was a given that there would be so much widespread support at this point.

I know everyone is probably more concerned with the humanitarian aspects of this as well as the politics (rightfully so) but I figured I’d link to the post on /r/gamedeals on reddit if people are also interested in what games are worth checking out in the bundle.


I think in general, if something is

  1. extremely low effort
  2. playing on lazy stereotypes or conspiracies without bringing anything to the conversation

Then treating it as spam and removing it isn’t a bad idea.

When it comes down to it, moderation is always going to be about the grey areas.

That is why it needs to be done by humans and its also why there needs to be many communities with different moderators so that no one moderation policy/team has too much power/cultural blindspots are limited in their impact.

Ultimately I have seen very little evidence that communities don’t need strong moderation.

I think designing fediverse apps to have “anti-design” features is really important, don’t get me wrong, however once you take the corporation out of social media questions of “addiction” and what amounts essentially to recreational drug use get much murkier.

If a developer and users establish consent (something that is impossible on corporate social networks by design) than what is wrong with addictive fediverse interfaces?

I think it is VERY easy for this question to slip into outdated conversations about drug use and addiction because people aren’t realizing that in the case of non-profit social networks this IS a question of recreational drug use and addiction.

I am absolutely not trying to downplay the very real damage social media or drug addiction can impart on people’s lives (myself included) however its complicated.

The relevant question is do people stumble into drugs and become addicted by accident or is drug use and addiction primarily a coping strategy and indicator of trauma and pain?

I use to have that thought “is this homeless person just going to use this money I give them for drugs?” (which is a shitty thought on many levels but yah) and it took me a long time to realize if that is what gets them through the next day who the fuck am I to judge? Perhaps their coping strategy isn’t very healthy for them, but honestly maybe their life is in such a difficult place it would be absurd to expect someone not to seek out that kind of relief. Denying them that drug perhaps does nothing for their quality of life.

I think questions of WHY someone seeks out addictive experiences go far beyond user interface design but the flip side of that is if we ignore the root causes of those things and strip addiction out of user interface design we are potentially just robbing people of a healthier outlet to use a drug they feel that they need.

In my opinion the dark truth about social media addiction is that it wouldn’t be anywhere near as much of a problem if people were happy and healthy. Modern society, at least in the US is ripping people apart on countless different levels, from the cruelty of denying basic needs to people all the way up to ensaring people in extremely well paying jobs that take up their whole life and destroy them.

Many days off all I can do is sit on my couch and blob out on my phone and that isn’t necessarily the fault of my phone. Take my phone away and you just have a sad broken person who has to turn somewhere else with an addictive loop for something to give me relief. I don’t necessarily need less addictive apps, I need a higher quality of life.

What I am trying to say is that I think developers need to think about establishing consent with users and empathetically providing them addictive experiences when they need it (aka good video games). There are definitely problems with addiction in apps but they are DWARFED by the brutality of modern life.

Yah the elephant in the room is that you can either have a social network be healthy for its users or have it be profitable. Pick one.

Yah lemmy in my book already has what it needs to be successful long term which is a core community of relatively friendly, interesting people

I think in large part it may because people don’t consciously think about the difference between…

  1. US government officials or other others deeply embedded in the US power structure criticizing China for its treatment of Uyghurs and the massive amount of propaganda and hypocrisy involved with that.

  2. The average leftist saying “yah, it seems like from what I can tell China is not treating the Uyghurs humanely” while being under no delusions about both the propaganda and motives involved in most of the information they get and also about the general brutality of the US government.

Coming back at category 2 with “but whattabout the US?” doesn’t add anything to the conversation, the vast majority of category 2 agrees with these criticisms of the US.

Hey, thank you for the response. I would like to educate myself on this more, do you have any links to read about the behavior of raymond or perens?

Pointing out toxic behavior is not toxic behavior.

Its not a holy crusade to hold people accountable and realize that reinstating stalman sends a bad message to the kinds of people that stalman has made feel unwelcome.

I think this really hurts the FSF. Open source software is one of those communities that gets really toxic and countless talented people have been turned away because they didn’t feel welcome.

I understand stalman was very important to the movement but can’t board members just maintain a relationship with him outside of the organization if he really still has an important vision? I think putting him back on the board really sends the wrong message.

I don’t agree, it feels like you are excusing stalman for his behavior because other people also behave the way stalman does. That is not how that works ESPECIALLY when someone represents the figurehead for an entire movement/community. Is stalman significantly more toxic than many 68 year old white men? He definitely isn’t alone in his behavior but the point is its one thing if its your retired uncle who behaves this way and its another if its someone who has a ton of responsibility to shape a community.

Stalman’s time has far past.

I tried it on a server awhile ago and was actually pretty impressed

Well, in order to make minetest like minecraft you gotta use essentiall a modpack right?

Good to hear! Now I can curl up and dream about being able to get parts for a computer that can play it lol

My question is, are the core gameplay systems slick in a fun way?

Minecraft is fun for example, I have played countless hours of it, but I always burn out on it because the core gameplay of combat and such is janky and unsatisfying.

Yah, 5-8 years ago if you asked me what percent of steam games from the top 50 would work on linux by 2021 I woulda guessed 15% max.