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Sometimes. It depends on what I’m reading, but if I do, it’s a chill playlist or a game’s soundtrack. Music with lyrics is distracting, especially if it’s a language I understand, haha. There’s also the fact that the mood of the book can change chapter by chapter, and the music may take me out of it or make the experience less enjoyable. Changing the playlist while the story progresses sounds like too much trouble to me, but it may be doable.

When using my computer, I just recently started using fluent reader. The UI is pretty clean and the few keyboard shortcuts fit my limited needs for an RSS reader. It also has filtering, which I guess pretty much all readers have.

When using my phone, I use Read You. The reasons are pretty much the same, simple UI, easy to use, etc.

And some people still don’t care at all, or even prefer to be spied on, for some weird reason. Definitely scary.

But hey, privacy is not that important. /s

Does anyone have a good RSS feed in German?
Hi, everyone. I'm looking to practice my German, and reading is usually a good way to do that. Does anyone have a good RSS feed for that? It can be news, blog posts, etc. :) I'll share the one I'm currently using: It's a little basic, as the name implies, so I'm looking for something more advanced.

I think that the federation approach allows more resilience against power outages (?). If one instance goes down for whatever reason, the rest are still up and running, instead of a global outage for the whole Fediverse.

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If the creator of the work holds a patent related to it, even if it’s licensed under CC0, they can sue you for infringing on their patent. The article links a good explanation:

Easy choice
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It’s good to have a statement instead of just ignoring the problem. Especially since they have such a big audience, including many kids who probably don’t fully understand how these things work.

I keep talking about the Fediverse as a whole to anyone willing to listen. I may not move the masses, but if I can convince even a couple of my friends to give Lemmy, Mastodon or any other open source federated platform a try, I consider that a win.

Just letting people know Lemmy exists is a contribution to its adoption. It’s especially useful to let people know there are alternatives when a big platform has an exodus of users, be it due to poor moderation, a failed acquisition attempt, or any other kind of drama, since that’s when they’re most willing to migrate permanently.

The fact that every instance is capable of being its full-fledged thing, doesn’t mean it has to do so. That’s why we have federation. So yeah, federation allows any approach you want, like the one you mention, of having instances that focus in certain topics, but having generalist instances is okay too. The important part is that users from one instance can participate in the communities of other instances.

Either community or sublemmy. But I agree that community is generally better.

Basically, what came before the Steam Deck.

Valve really did a good job with the Steam Deck and Steam OS. I fully agree.

Hopefully, more Steam Deck users will realize how easy it is now to play most games on Linux. And the games that are not playable tend to be multiplayer microtransaction fests that also require some invasive anti-cheating software, so it’s not like we’re missing much.

For people who enjoy single player games and don’t require specialized software for their daily life, this shows them how far Linux has come, and how viable it is as a daily driver.

Every time I want to read an article or even blog posts. So painfully true. 🙃

Lawmakers always making it pretty they don’t understand encryption, or that they don’t give a fuck about people’s privacy and rights. Using the excuse of protecting children to pass these laws that open the door to freedom of speech and privacy violations is foul.

Hopefully it will be stopped, or we can expect other governments to copy this kind of legislation using the same excuses.

  • Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
  • The Black Book by Giovanni Papini

They took the bag and then let the speaker do his thing. As you say, massive respect to them. I fully agree with Venturelli when it comes to actually being in the spaces given to us and voicing our opinions, instead of being absent and letting crypto bros do their thing and appear legit.

All in a parking lot many times bigger than the building itself.

Gotta thank car centric laws and requirements for this kind of aggressive development against anyone who doesn’t own a car, or dares to take a walk or ride a bike.