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Curious im not to hip on politics. How many wars did Trump start?

Right. Browser apps dont feel as good as a really well done mobile app though.

That is a interesting thought. Having a general purpose app that can connect to several instances not allowed by an app store is a really clever way to get around censorship. It’s my favorite feature about lemmur. I can connect to any instance that apple would never allow in their app store.

Either way it’ll turn into a racist hellhole immediately.

It will be subject to Apple’s code of conduct. They will have to remove racist material or get removed from the app store.

don’t understand the point of this either, most of the trump politicians are already on gab.

If trump had gone to gab when he was still on twitter. it would have exploded their users. Thats like giving them free money. He wouldn’t do that without asking for money or ownership

I’m not sure they could make a better VSCode native

I actually think both governments are pretty similar.

The proper response is to make people less obese, in 18 months we’ve had time to do that but public policy has never emphasized that. Atleast tell everyone to get sunlight. You literally just have to lay down half naked infront of the sun. It’s free.

But to your point, I have been trying to get covid for a year. Every single time I find out a friend or family member has Covid I come bring them gifts and I can’t get it. Some people are naturally immune I guess.

Or if you just arent obese and eat trash all day youll be fine with covid. Just be sure to get sunlight

I dont undersyand your point. The Vaers db has more adverse reaction reports this year than the last 19 years combined. We certainly did vaccinate more this year but nearly all babies get vaccinated. So the only logical conclusion is that these emerency use vaccines have a higher rate of death. And that makes since. Most vaccines if anyone dies from it its due to an allergic reaction. These vaccins cause miocardidis (cant spell) and sometimes heart attacks.

Snes, genesis, playstation all work pretty good. N64 not so much last i tried.

Some of us still use emacs and terminals most of the time. Two browser tabs and a terminal should be fine with four gigs. Not a laptop replacement yet for sure though.

Not really, it hardly ever works

Idk, get waydroid on that thing. This could totally be doable.

I made a facebook account to use it; facebook said my account couldn’t be trusted so I couldn’t use it. I deleted my facebook account and went back to craigslist.

With video, this thing is gonna be awesome. PC + phone. True convergence.

This is gonna be my phone. This is daily driver ready

No furry content. just hardcore wolfballs

hateful? you mean freedom don’t you?

Shit post and wolfballs.com

I thought folks here might be interested at wolfballs.com a lemmy instance basically dedicated to shit posting. Just throwing that out there …


No auth header for picture upload image upload error

Anybody get this error when trying to run lemmy locally and upload a image? …

git.asonix.dog is down can't build anything

Hi Lemmy, I went to try to build the lemmy stack on a raspberry pi 4 last night, git.asonix.dog is down and because of that I can’t build a lot of stuff, like pict-rs. Lots of dependencies point to git.asonix.dog and changing to alternative github repo’s don’t seem to be working for me. Anyone know…

Where is the source code for pictrs?

Looking over lemmies docker-compose environment I see a image hosting service named pictrs. For the life of me I can’t find it’s source code. Anybody able to point me to it?..