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I bought a extdra 500gb ssd and a 15$ license of windows 11 to play it on. Don’t want to wait for proton to fix the direct 12 bugs but installing windows is such a pain. Linux is way easier.

I’m pretty happy without windows. Just need a way to play the new halo

Technically neither is America they are both republics where you vote for representatives.

Idk who in their right mind would immagrate to Australia where they have covid concentration camps

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Buy a librem 5 with hardware cut off switches if you want the privacy

My problem with SQLite is, that it’s not available everywhere

It’s available everywhere a c compiler exist which is pretty much everywhere. A processor can hardly be said to exist until it gets a c compiler.

Yeah you stick a recent small gpu and it will play anything

If you want web browsing I suggest a cheap used pc.

lol , Option is rust’s null. And matches are everywhere because of it. C++ makes working with null pointers so beautiful. So concise.

C++ IMO is extremely expressive and can say waaay more with waay less than rust. But that’s only good for academia. Businesses want reliable software not beautiful code. Rust provides that I think.

Rust kinda sucks for writting windows guis. This guy at microsoft spent like two years making bindings and you ended up needing to use unsafe everywhere. If you have tk always use unsafe might as well use C++.

Rust might not be great for proof of concept data structures with self references. The borrow checker makes that hard.

Rust might not be great for pointer arithmatic.

Rust does not like undefined behavior.

Rust fan boys will find work arounds for all these but maybe its ok to just use python some times. Even C++ has a place i think.

That’s what waydroid and anbox are for. We only need to get a small subset of features working and then we can mooch off the android ecosystem like android mooched off linux

Most soc drivers are closed sourced and compiled into the kernel. Not exactly sure how it works. Thats why ubuntu touch went the route of just creating a layer in between.

Sometimes someone writes mainline drivers like the soc in the oneplus 6 recently.

Im typing on one now. Yeah i miss calls every now and then. It gets better with every update

That’s the issue with most ARM SOCs. Same problem AFAIK with the Raspberry Pi and Pine64 products.

I don’t think so. Those all have mainline support. I know pinephone and librem 5 does. Modem has some propriety blobs in there but there is already working FOSS replacements.

@camccartoMemesget vaccinated

Why would I explain to you; someone of sufficient intelligence to create a lemmy account , when you know exactly where and how to get that information?

What do you hope to get out of my explanation ? Some

GOTCHA! That’s not how it works!

If you disagree with my statement on health and immune responses why don’t you instead express your disagreement or state the information you think I lack?

Wouldn’t that be a more organic way for this discussion to go?

I think so. Pine phone is pretty good already.

It doesn’t even have rotation.

Gab employee talking about problems they ran into with ActivityPub at scale. …

Manjaro vs Arch

Which is better and why?..

Can't run lemmy-ui in dev mode extension error

Anyone else try to run lemmy-ui in developer mode and get the error: …

No auth header for picture upload image upload error

Anybody get this error when trying to run lemmy locally and upload a image? …

git.asonix.dog is down can't build anything

Hi Lemmy, I went to try to build the lemmy stack on a raspberry pi 4 last night, git.asonix.dog is down and because of that I can’t build a lot of stuff, like pict-rs. Lots of dependencies point to git.asonix.dog and changing to alternative github repo’s don’t seem to be working for me. Anyone know…

Where is the source code for pictrs?

Looking over lemmies docker-compose environment I see a image hosting service named pictrs. For the life of me I can’t find it’s source code. Anybody able to point me to it?..