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I think that the “karma score” is used in two ways. On a community basis it measures how many positive contributions were made. In this case a simple role system, where these are distributed by votes/decisions, would be much more humanistic and less easier to cheat. On the other hand in interpersonal relations this score measures how important a post/comment should be for me personally. For that each pair of users should have a dedicated score, which indicates how easily both are reached by upvotes of posts or comments. A more simpler algorithm would give a user a list of trusted members (e.g. friends and me), from whose upvotes the personal “karma score” is calculated. You could also limit the number of hops you are taking in the social graph.

shouldn’t be too hard, you basically just have to add mathjax in you header and then you can write latex equation. This becomes very complicated though if you want to support static rendering without javascript

Interesting read, I never heard of Voat before some people brought it up in the hackernews comments. I think that a platform has to balance echo chambers and noisy input, IMO lemmy is at the latter end at the moment. (which is fine because of its small size)

If you have any question regarding the language or want to have a conversation just ask :) btw what is you native language?

je mehr Werbung desto besser :) aber ich würde noch warten bis Federation möglich ist

ne, bin aktuell sehr inaktive auf Mastodon, wenn du willst kannst du es aber gerne trotzdem werben

mhh for me it shows v0.6.66, perhaps it’s related to the theme?

nah with this low price, I don’t think I’ll get any perks :p but if you want you can drop a line in the registration

I’m actually 6 versions ahead of the flagship!!! Will update tomorrow though :D

played around with the theme today here, but it’s not really official looking :p

A german language based Lemmy instance / Eine deutschsprachige Lemmy Instanz

hope it’s okay to post this in announcements

Summertime by Lowenstern

Lowenstern playing his own adaption of Summertime, a jazz standard composed by Gershwin for the opera Porgy and Bess…

Ik doe mee, maar mijn nederlands is niet erg goed. Ik zou het voornamelijk gebruiken om met mensen te praten. Groeten uit duitsland!

What should be the default light theme?

Lemmy only shows the dark theme at the moment, when you’re not logged in. As many people prefer a lighter theme, the website should respect the user setting in the browser. The issue is #758

Hannah Arendt on re-purposing love for the public realm and the contradiction of that to private friendship…