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This is not a new Signal, this makes old Signal.

No spam and no identifiers (phone number, email, ids, etc.) by design. Local encrypted sign-in. Your whole chat system-in-a-file .zip. Disposal, one-time, connections. This is awesome!

I am European and I hate what the Western bloc is doing to Russia. Not a day goes by that the TV doesn’t say something wrong about Russia. They act like those kids who can’t take it out on the guy who messed with them, they hit their dog.

Just open a free Proton Mail account and import contacts’ list in it.

Sync issues with f-droid official repo
Does any of you experienced issues with repo sync today? [UPDATE] Alarm returned. Now works as well as before. Probably did maintenance.

eSpeak seems Frankenstein and doesn’t work with Feeel home workout app. Maybe the issue is in the fitness app. But that voice…an horror movie…

Unfortunately RH doesn’t have Italian.

It seams just a tts manager not an engine. It sees empty the engine field…

What speech engine in substitution of Google one?
I removed the Google Speech engine (robotic voice to give human-like voice to apps) and I looking for a new one in F-droid. I interested in both English and Italian voices. Any idea?

Looking for an open source and privacy friendly accommodation search platform for Android
Currently I am using Travala.com but it isn't open source and neither privacy friendly. The only benefit is that it accepts crypto payments. Any idea?

SimpleX do not use shit communication tool like sms. Why should it must use them since it is born to replace them?

Please add the SimpleX (secret group) version…

I have latest SimpleX version (4.2 stable) and it doesn’t have any battery drain issue. Signal is for children, it is not for serious use. Based in California, it needs of a phone number to use it, it is under US jurisdiction. Please, do not mentioning it again in future. SMS? Are you kidding?

Why not a SimpleX secret group? simplex.chat


There is a lot of talk in Europe about sham elections in Ukraine (in Russian-controlled areas), but this morning I saw how the Italian State broadcaster (RaiUno) was using statistical data (graphics, histograms, pie charts, etc.) provided by the Guardian. Have you figured out who gives the results to Italian state TV? If you have eyes it is time you used them to “see.”

bkrltoLemmy Support...

Can account migration be done from one instance to another? If yes, how?

Foss Football Scores
Hi guys, I am looking for a good alternative to replace FotMob app (full of ads and trackers). Can you help me?

In this release there are a lot of code improvements and bugs solved. Now calls run well and "incognito" mode has been introduced: you have the Carnival mask this year! 🤡 More informations are available directly at GitHub project page. https://github.com/simplex-chat/simplex-chat/releases
3.2.1 is here!

Tip: Send notes to yourself
In order to send files, text notes (what you want) to yourself for future uses it is possible create a secret group with only you locked inside. All inside the "memo" group is safely stored encrypted in your device. Enjoy! 💪

Here we can talk about the last Android release. Bugs, suggestions, user experience, and much more. https://github.com/simplex-chat/simplex-chat/releases

Karma score
Where can I see my karma score? I cannot find it.

Multireddits feature
I really appreciated in the official Reddit the "Multireddits" feature, a collection of multiple subscriptions under one "viewlist." Does a similar feature exist or are there plans to be developed in Lemmy in the future?

App doesn't obey to the rules set (Jerboa)
I set the default app starting rules like this: Subscribed, New. App ignores the rules and start at launch with Local, Active. Always. Any idea?

Login trouble with Lemmur/Jerboa Android apps
I can login into lemmy.ml account from website but cannot make the same through apps. How to solve it? Thanks for support.