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There is a lot of racial and economic hatred in the US. Anything less than an opressive police+prison system won’t be able to keep the lid on this society and prevent it from exploding.

It’s the attitude I have a problem with: some people are so arrogant that they think it’s ok to decide for others.

Levels of antibodies do not indicate level of immunity.

You will not have elevated levels of antibodies for long periods of time. This is normal. What matters for immunity is your T and B cells.

Does it matter if it’s investigated as a hate crime or not? The guy killed 11 people. That should be enough to lock him up for good without needing additional charges.

Funding war is very profitable for Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. Helping suffering people isn’t as profitable. That is why Biden funds war.

I don’t think it’s just the guns. It’s the combination of guns with a society that produces a lot of sad people.

anyone who thinks the stock and bond markets to be a positive sum game have skipped the last 100 years of financial history :)

But it’s true. I don’t need to justify how and why I spend my money.

isn’t RADV in Mesa better? (that what the Steam Deck uses)

Not everything you disagree with is Russian propaganda.

What I do with my own time and money does not concern Mr Nicholas Weaver.

Just another day in America, nothing out of the ordinary

it’s better than before, because this enables nouveau folks to do a lot of stuff. And it’s a also a nice change of attitude from Nvidia.

Samsung plans to raise chip prices by 20%

A lot of things are about to get more expensive…

He thinks that there are more fake users in twitter than twitter admits. He’s probably not wrong…

We’ll probably start seeing the impact of Steam Deck in a few months…

Indian Government goes big into RISC-V, first chips expected by 2023

Very happy to see RISC-V take off!..

Looks like Elon wants to sack the current management…

TLDR: Russia and Ukraine are two of the world’s greatest wheat producers. Both exports are impacted, Ukraine because of the war, and Russia because of the sanctions. A massive wheat shortage is expected in a few months…

“Cameras, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are operational – maybe China’s wider tech independence plan is, too”…

Pipewire made huge progress in the last 2 years. Everyone should give it a try!..

Is the new official Mastodon client worth it?

I’m still using Tusky on Android because it’s on F-Droid. As far as I can see, the new official client is not there. Is it worth installing it or not worth the effort since it’s not on F-Droid and I can’t one-click install it? …

A show of hands, who here has had covid?..