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Is it OK if I mention my own channels?

Andy Balaam’s programming videos: https://diode.zone/c/andybalaam_programming

Category Theory by Bartosz Milewski: https://diode.zone/c/category_theory

Gaming: Trials Rising and Trials Fusion: https://peertube.social/accounts/trials/video-channels

Lemmy is now Smolpxl's official community!

Previously I tried setting up a couple of chat systems to be a community for Smolpxl games, but since we are a very small site at the moment, there has been little activity. …

What is lemmy.ml's privacy policy?

I think Lemmy is great, so I’m making it the official community for my games site Smolpxl. …

I think this sounds possible. If you don’t use a Box<> or similar container (and instead using something like a dyn trait), you know that the compiler knows the real size of the instance you are passing, so no dynamic polymorphism is being used.

If you post some code here, someone might be able to suggest a Rustish way of doing it?

New game! Rightwaves, an R-Type tribute

Today I released a new game on Smolpxl - Rightwaves. …

  • Music player: Music - simple, no indexing
  • Writing: Editor - minimal, but works
  • Diary: If calendar then Etar
  • VPN: don’t know
  • Maps: OsmAnd~
  • Messenger: Element - for Matrix
  • Fediverse: Tusky
  • Peertube client: I would love to use NewPipe but it doesn’t work with most Peertube servers :-(

Rightwaves progress: Level 1 boss

Rightwaves is coming along nicely. …

I’m cleaning audio and reposting (with permission) these amazing videos on Category Theory for Programmers by Bartosz Milewski…

Rightwaves, my tribute to R-Type, is coming on nicely. …


I had always thought it looked cool, and tried to play a couple of times, but when I really started playing was when a friend at work agreed to play with me every day (about 2008 I guess). It was intense, but really fun. Now I play mostly online on Dragon Go Server, and look forward to in-person games again one day…

For more news and details on Smolpxl development, follow https://mastodon.social/@andybalaam on Mastodon.

Smolpxl feature requests

Add a comment here to encourage us to work on what you would like to see in Smolpxl. Here’s a selection of our TODO list, but feel free to suggest other things: …

The Smolpxl games count how many times each game is played. (Anonymously, of course.) …


220 lines of code: short enough to be fairly easy to contribute to?

I always enjoyed playing Heli, and even wrote Gnome Attacks in tribute many years ago. …

A classic, implemented the way I like it. Have a go at Snake - what is your high score? …

This is web-based - works on Firefox and Chrome on Windows, Linux and Android. Hopefully other platforms too.

I’ve just extracted my work-in-progress Smolpxl game to its own repo. …


Navigate an accelerating ship through shrinking tunnels! …

Inspired by old-style Frogger, Cross the Road is a one-button game that can be played casually, or speed-run, since it gives a measure of average time spent to make each run. …

Controls are laid out like arrow keys, they change to meaningful names if you use touch, and they can be minimised if they take up too much screen.

After some feedback, I’ve made some updates:

Wow, thanks for becoming the first ever patron!

I’m looking for feedback on this:

  • Does it work on your device?..

Perhaps the most original game currently on Smolpxl, Spring is a mobile-friendly one-button game, arguably of the “rage game” style. …

A very long time ago, I played a hand-held maze game on a school coach trip. I wrote a game inspired by it in AMOS Basic on my Amiga (I think it was called “Steel Liberty”). Much later, I wrote a new version in Python that worked on my GP2X console. …


Awesome! I’ve been following with interest the work on speeding up the compiler itself e.g. https://blog.mozilla.org/nnethercote/2020/04/24/how-to-speed-up-the-rust-compiler-in-2020/