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Yes, get over it. Being “aggressively” anything is counter-productive.

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Hi. I’d like to buy Bitcoin but have no ID (No passport, driver’s licence etc.) How can I start without using a 3rd party?..


I quite like it. No font size control that I can see (pun intended) though.

I think way too much importance is placed on privacy (and I’ve noticed this happens way more on the Fediverse)

I’m not saying one should deny or disregard it, bit I think it’s more important to be aware of the monopolies that exist and the power they yield as regards filtering and biasing of data.

What’s more important I think, is to realise how easily hypnotised and thus unconsciously influenced we are in all walks of life.

That’s great. Thanks for the clarification!

Are Lemmy Instances able to "talk to each other" yet?

… and can I follow a user from another instance?..

He’s amazing. Haven’t listened to him in a long while