Rip Spotify collection?

Money has been really tight and looking to cut monthly expenses. Is there a way to rip a spotify collection?


You can try something like converting your whole collection to a playlist then use deemix to download it

Good tip, I did not know that was possible.


soundiiz to convert your playlists to deezer. Then use a deezer exploit like deemix to download each playlist.


I second soundiiz, although I normally convert to a YouTube playlist and download from a YouTube downloader

Obviously do whatever works best for you, and for a lot of people it really doesn’t matter, but flacs ripped from Deezer will have much higher audio quality than YouTube videos.


use Newpipe to download whatever songs you want from YouTube,
If you need a music player I recommend: (or you can use the one that comes preinstalled on you device)

deemix-pyweb has Spotify integration, never tried it though.


Does this work for spotify-exclusive podcasts?

Edit: So I did the bare minimum of reading, and no, no it doesn’t! haha


btw this tool downloads it from youtube, just in case


Right, that’s what clued me into the fact that downloading the spotify-exclusive podcasts wouldn’t work. 😋

Yes but you would need to do it in real time and cut the files up manually, unfortunately.

There is no way to “rip” or download the files directly but you could record a playlist with screen sharing software such as Geforce Experience or just plug the line out of your device into a recorder or virtually record it using software like Audacity.

TBH if you need to save money you are better off just using a free Spotify account and running a decent adblocker like Ublock Origin &/or Pi-Hole to block most of the ads (although I haven’t not had premium for a while so not sure how well that still works).

Otherwise start grabbing old CDs from charity shops, eBay and the like or just resort to piracy.


There is no way to “rip” or download the files directly

That’s not true. You can actually download and decrypt the original .ogg files from Spotify. The easiest way would be by making a few small modifications to librespot. You can even modify it to not require a premium account, although you will be limited to downloading 192kbit/s files that way. I don’t think it would be a good idea to share such a program though, since it could endanger librespot and thereby all the cool projects that depend on it.


Make a playlist or set of playlists with 200(maybe 400) entries max each and use on telegram. Download all, then you’ll have them all in your download folder.


Well it seems like we are going the old school route. Make a list of the songs you want to listen to and get’em from Soulseek or YouTube or something like that. It’s not the most convenient but there doesn’t seem to be many alternatives.


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