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What about the x230 retrobooted?Also this should work with both the libre x200 and retro x230?Create Virtual Machine in QEMU on linux with Virt-Manager | KVM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G21c-sbggk4

Do you guys think I should either 1.Get a libreboot thinkpad x200 from retrofreedom and then have only 8GB’s of ram to where I can still use KVM but i’ll be a bit more limited in terms of ram or 2.Get a thinkpad x230 from ebay,save up for a couple of months,and then send it to retrofreedom for retro…


Is it worth putting something like retroboot or skulls coreboot on a thinkpad x230?

I wanted to do this but the main problem is that I have no understanding of installing this type of stuff.When I look at any guide I get really confused.I could give it to retrofreedom to install retroboot but it is kinda expensive.I dont know what to do right now any tips?..

I feel like this person is thinking that when we say ‘‘normies’’ we look down on those people.Just because you think thats what ‘‘normies’’ mean doesnt mean its what other people use it for.I think when we say ‘‘normies’’ we mean that these people are more into things like google and things that most people use everyday unlike us who try to break away from such things.Also they talk about being pushy.Not everyone is like this.When I talked to a family member about it I was far from pushy and tried to explain why its bad for your privacy to use this service and how you could use this alternative.They asked me ways to do other stuff that they like to do in a more privacy oriented fashion but they sadly still didn’t care. When they say people do care about privacy it is true but when they look at digital privacy they dont see it the same way as irl privacy like locking the bathroom door and such.Just because they care about irl privacy doesnt mean that they will feel the same about digital privacy.

“Arch breaks. Not a lot, but still more than, say, Debian or Fedora-based distros”, huh i thought it was the other way around and arch breaks less.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Every time I get to the last level I make items that let you fall down holes withouth taking damage so I make a bunch of them,get all the way down,and fight the boss since I absolutely despise the scorpions and the giant eyeballs.Anyone know any good strategies for the game in general or for specifi…

Yea sometimes privacy means better security.

I may be wrong but I do remember someone cracking down on it saying that it was a photo shopped ipad and such.


Yes the reason why they are out of stock is because they were waiting for the next release of libreboot which has recently been released so this month it should be restocked

um I said t430 not the x230

also I have another question.Can you put 8GB of ram into a x200 I have heard that you cant but I have also heard that you can with a 64 bit operating system.Which one is true?

Is libreboot compatible with the thinkpad t430?If so does it have IME or no?I saw on the official page it said it supported T400 and T400s so does that mean anything from T400 to T500 is supported?..


Is IME disabled/removed on the Libreboot thinkpadx200 from retrofreedom.com

Does this laptop from retrofreedom come with IME disabled or removed?..


thankyou so much this was my only worry


I was thinking of getting a thinkpad x200 with libreboot from retrofreedom.com since even with the tutorials I had no idea how to do so myself,but I have a question.How would you update it?Is it as hard as installing libreboot and how would I update it?How frequently is it updated?..


not when it comes to metadata though.(really depends on your threat model and if you are okay with metadata issues from both XMPP and matrix.org)

Also to add more onto the “he does not provide those videos out of goodness of his heart” argument, he made a video about Newpipe.He even talked about how he didnt care if you moved since of course he wouldnt be able to get likes or ad revenue because of ppl using things like newpipe and how he just wanted people to use these products to get away from using the youtube app or website.

imo I dont see them this way.You just discovered them and because of that you cant really decide completely about who they are just from 1 video.Of course the hated one would ask for donations and such.Since im pretty sure he relies on such stuff to mantain himself.Also just because hes a privacy advocate doesnt mean he needs to use lemmy,mastodon and such.Its just like techlore who has discord and such stuff so that he can spread privacy to ppl who are stuck on those services ,so that one day they randomly run into his content and learn about privacy.I also disagree on the part of “he does not provide those videos out of goodness of his heart” I mean he is not forcing you to do such stuff and just because someone tries to make money from something doesnt mean that thats their only motive to make such content.

When you say techlore was “influencing fans” thats just an opinion not a fact so imo I dont think that was the case.He just talked about the whole drama and a little bit of what he thought about it.I dont think that his intentions were to “manipulate and influence” his fans.Dont believe everything that ppl say’

He wasnt wrong you said since 2020 and yea you are right it got updated this year but not last year.

From RSS feeds from news sites

I really want linux phones like the pinephone to become more stable,faster,and overall better and I would love it if people started making apps for them like even a Tor browser and Orbot would make me instantly get one.


I have questions about matrix/element.Does it leak metadata if so what does it leak?I have heard that it only shows who you are talking to but not what you are saying…



Do all of System76’s laptops have coreboot?(specifically the Pangolin and yes I know that they arent on stock rn)…



Everybody when apple says “Privacy thats iPhone”…

It do be like that

Desktop and Mobile

Im kind of new to XMPP and this question might be stupid but I want to be sure Can someone using Conversations with OMEMO encryption talk to someone using a desktop client which is using OTR?..