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The way it is packaged does not give much of a hint I think. The boxes are also not original and I did not find a description in them.

May have to look tomorrow (during my afternoon shift) if I have the time. From my memory, packaging were plastic bags with one type of part only (star or sticks) and sorted by colour. The photo I showed was either some kind of sample or what was taken out by colleages to have look (before I arrived).

I wouldn’t take the source all that serious. Most dutch homes are unsuitable for direct combustion of wood.

A few boxes of stuff like in the photo came in at the thrift store I volunteer at, but none of us are certain on what it is. Searching the branding on it (Siventi) did not yield useful results. The pieces fit but come loose easily no matter which of the holes are used. The "chopsticks" are somewhat capabele of beding apart OR together and seem made of the same hard plastic as the star. Do any of you have ideas?

I thought to remember that the acronym no longer stands for anything.

And not to forget multiple formats in case of devices not supporting hardware acceleration for some of the ones being around on the web. I mean, e.g. VP9 is not gonna run well but e.g. h264 would (please note this is not the most realistic example).

I initially misread your previous comment thinking you meant their training in general. I am getting it now.

Biofuels are taking valuable croplands that could be user for food production. And BEVs could run on e.g. nucleair fission until we figured stuff out more. Try that with combustion engines.

The article says Google Translate. Brits and Usonians forgot to make sure that their clients are able to RTFM in another language than English. Like Ukrainian.

I guess they’ll be powered with electricity generated from gas (sourced from…?).

Gotta start somewhere.

Will citizens get subsidized high voltage lines to their homes or streetfront parking for fast charging?

Europeans do not travel that far most of the time, unless on e.g. vacation. So fast charging is only really needed on e.g. major highways.

Can the grid handle so many EVs?

No, that why it needs overhauling in places. That is however a thing to worry about or national and local gov., not the EU.

Never let perfect be the enemy of good.

Writing your representative(s) about e.g. downtown restrictions of vehicular use (within reason); heavier tax on SUVs than on regular passenger cars; or if they are hybrids/BEVs, make them exempt from things like tax incentives if they happen to be SUVs and/or beyond a reasonable mass limit.

Modern ones have tech in them that makes them automatically shut off once the water gets boiling, so they never get above 100C. Whatever plastic would be used for the device, has a melting temperature above that or else it would never get CE/TüV/KEMA approved.

I never tried tea from microwaved water, but according to rumours it makes the tea taste “off”. Microwave ovens are also taking up more space, so unless you have got one already for different reasons than boiling water it would make more sense to use an electric kettle or just the stove if it is a modern (induction) one anyway.

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Both you and the one you are replying to may have a point.

On there is a new community of which the mod thinks it is okay to basically run it as such: To sub to it, you might have to go to it via the “communities” menu of your instance.

Go to Communities --> search “elon” --> pick the sub out of the results --> click subscribe. With federated subscriptions, by my knowledge there is no other way with Lemmy.

I would say it depends. In the case of OP being from/in the US I might see your point. But only then.

Why the stupid "porn" suffix?
Why is there a "porn" suffix? I understand we of the Lemmy community are in a "Reddit emulation"-phase right now, but this is silly (imo). Why not something like "Abandoned Place Photography"?

So now we have two Gentoo Linux communities?
What is the difference between this community and the one at [/c/gentoo]( If both are about the Linux distribution, would it not be better for one of them to be removed (if not somehow merging them)?