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r/vitapiracy still remains it seems. Good thing Sony does not give a shit about the console.

Correct, I simply had to update to latest Lemmur release.

It’s finally happening. Too bad Lemmur does not seem to find the instance yet.

What was the ban for? Depending on the reason, the community might not last here either.

I believe it’s just Eugen not willing to remove the useless limits. People very rarely go past 400 anyway, but when you really have something to say, you have to start these stupid threads like you’d do in Twitter. I wish Mastodon would just start trunkating posts at a certain character/line limit, behind a “show more” button.


Hyvää iltaa.

“[company name] <3 open source” is actually a warning sing

What’s really ironic is that Discord’s model is such a perfect fit for a decentralized system.

But there isn’t even another centralized proprietary silo alternative. That’s how bad the situation is.

I’ve really wanted to, but neither of my devices are on the supported devices list. Nexus 6 is there, but LineageOS didn’t actually install on it unlike other ROMs.

https://github.com/vector-im/element-web/issues/7487 Here’s an issue that tracks the missing features.

However, the biggest difference is simply the fact that Discord and Element work fundamentally very differently. Element is (still) centered around making single rooms where people can choose to join. Discord on the other hand operates from a “”““server””“”" perspective where everyone joins every room by default unless access is restricted. It’s the complete opposite.

It’s like people really haven’t tried Discord, Element or neither and try to make you push a cube object through a circular hole claiming, “yes it fits just do it”. As it stands, Element is not the answer to Discord specifically and claiming otherwise is only gonna end up with disappointed new users.

Element does not provide what Discord provides and should not be advertized as a direct replacement until the community feature gets some serious work done to it.

xe8 is correct. Communities in Element are only glorified collections of rooms without any of the features that Discord provide.

In fact, there’s an issue on the Element github repo called “Discordification of Riot/Matrix” and it’s a long, long list of missing features. Element is not a proper alternative to Discord.

Started using Qutebrowser for school/work related stuff only as it still lacks good ublock-like functionality, but at some point it became too painful to return back to FireFox. So now it’s mostly Qutebrowser. Hoping the extension functionality lands soon.

Thanks, I’ll give a shot when I have time to configure it!

1: super+w (for tabbed layout) stops working for unknown reasons, still works if you press another i3 hotkey right before it.
2: super+l (for moving to the right) stops working when I change to my custom svorak keyboard layout where the L key has been moved. Like the first one this also works if you press any other i3 hotkey right before it.

The root cause seems to be fcitx, but I’m not sure. Second one is too much to ignore so I have to change wm. i3 recognizes the keypresses but won’t do the action itself.

Are window managers allowed? I’ve been using i3wm for a while now and have loved it to pieces, but can’t work around the game breaking bugs it has. Would anyone have any recommendations on another WM that could provide what i3wm does?

It’s probably of no use here honestly, but maybe if anyone else here still uses Reddit on the Slide app. Also, fedi has made me uneasy towards anyone sharing “block lists” so I’d be hesitant to share mine lol.

Possibly, but I feel like to learn this stuff I probably need to try build something myself from the ground up, then throw it in the trash, and then maybe try forking.

My list of filtered subreddits has gotten huge, and I’m afraid I’ll probably need to do the same with communities around fedi as well. So many of the top subreddits have this “let’s laugh at the idiot” mentality to them.