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Was curious if there’s a fairly popular, and well polished alternative to, that doesn’t have a million third party scripts, and is privacy respecting.

I know exists, and it’d be great, but unless I’m missing something, the actual site seems to be terrible. I see a handful of FOSS music players offer scrobbling to, but I fail to understand how well it works/why? For a basic example, if I go to, and type Ariana Grande, there’s a million artists (that have done ft’s with her) that come up before just her specifically. And her page, has absolutely no information, no art, etc. Same with her albums. The albums seem weird and list “may charts” “March charts” instead of her albums. The capitalization of names and titles is wonky. The popular page seems to be broken. I don’t get it. Is the site just extremely depricated? Is there some alternative instance/fork of Librefm that is more common?

This is especially the case with little known artists. I am curious what is going on with Is there a better site? Do any of you use, and can comment as to whether or not it works well to scrobble to?


Literally learning programming to make this happen since no one else seems to be doing it. has been dead for decades. Someone please make it happen, the world needs a FOSS, federated alternative.


Would it be possible to just fork and make your own site? Seems like it’d be an easier thing to do then create something from scratch. Just a suggestion.


Possibly, but I feel like to learn this stuff I probably need to try build something myself from the ground up, then throw it in the trash, and then maybe try forking.


Believe I saw that, the fact that it uses Google API’s is kinda annoying… was hoping for something else. Or maybe a different front-end I guess, seeing it is open source.


I’m not familiar with, but maybe Funkwhale would be an option? Its also federated with Activitypub.


I believe Funkwhale is essentially a Federated Soundcloud alternative. So not the same thing as essentially scrobbles (“tracks”) your music, so it says “user listened to x”, and generates stats and top artists and albums and stuff.

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