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"if ChatGPT, for example, built your plugin, you have to verify that all the code used is GPL compatible. Just like you are expected to validate licenses on libraries and code-snippets, everything in your plugin has to be GPL compatible. Should we determine that your code is a copy of someone else’s or includes code from non-GPL plugins, your submission will be rejected and any live plugins will be closed."

I wasn’t sure whether I should post this to tech or humor…

"Right now,* if you ask Microsoft’s Bing chatbot if Google’s Bard chatbot has been shut down, it says yes, citing as evidence a news article that discusses a tweet in which a user asked Bard when it would be shut down and Bard said it already had, itself citing a comment from Hacker News in which someone joked about this happening, and someone else used ChatGPT to write fake news coverage about the event. "

Introducing Investing in trustworthy AI
"’s initial focus? Tools that make generative AI safer and more transparent. And, people-centric recommendation systems that don’t misinform or undermine our well-being."
Introducing Investing in trustworthy AI

With the advent of genomic studies, it's become ever more clear that humanity's genetic history is one of churn.

Apparently the licensing used to forbid this setup, but you could work around it by not activating your virtual Windows system.

Forum replies, however, map just fine to microblogging platforms (as we can see with Lemmy<->Mastodon federation)

Interesting idea: Instead of using solar to heat water to heat your building, heat a container of sand...which can store more heat, and keep heating the water overnight.

IIRC ActivityPub has a client-server API too, but hardly anyone implements it.

Ivory and, not yet
"As Mastodon becomes more popular, it’s important that stays true to its blogging roots and unique take on social media, rather than shifting to be a Twitter or Mastodon clone. We don’t need a monoculture with all apps looking exactly the same."

Interesting approach: Manipulate data that you know is going to be used to train AIs in a way that makes it easier to identify future AI-generated content.

WaPo: Various ways you can replace Twitter, depending on how you use it now
Keeping up with news? Use a news aggregator instead. Professional networking? LinkedIn etc. Socializing with people you already know? Signal, WhatsApp and so on. Entertainment? Newsletters. (Note: This is a "gifted" link that should bypass the paywall.)

Pinterest I get, it’s all about images, or the gaming sites … but for Reddit, a primarily text based collection of links and comments, to use that much energy takes some serious effort.

Of course you can see that effort just by trying to take a quick look at one thread, and seeing everything else it pulls into the page.

I use LiberaPay and OpenCollective more or less interchangeably, depending on which one the project mentions on their own site.

Off to join the great ActiveX control in the sky

> Up until sometime this past week, deep in the bowels of Google headquarters, a dusty, forgotten server still whirred along. "Take the best of Google everywhere on the web!" it would shout to any poor soul who wandered by the darkened closet. "Google Toolbar is faster, sleeker and more personalized than ever before!" Ars Technica checked out the current Google Toolbar experience last week. Not much still worked. And between then and publishing the article, Google finally shut it down after 21 years.

Yeah…but it looks like they were storing the passwords to connect to the sFTP service!!

A look back at Opera's attempt to bundle peer-to-peer web self-hosting in their browser back in 2009.

Apparently it was the database and sFTP passwords that were exposed.

An attacker gained access to the provisioning system for GoDaddy's managed WordPress service

"After more than a decade of using smartphones, we have been conditioned to expect that we will always know where we are. When we lose that information, we feel as though the floor has dropped away. The aversion to such discomfort keeps us on the straight and narrow, unthinkingly obeying directions offered up by machines."

"...poisoning the well by having user data be so inconsistent, disconnected, spurious or expensive to collect that today's surveillance infrastructures...get flummoxed when trying to track you."

Seems less about freedom and more about hero worship. Or is the bus factor for Free Software really that low?

How to add a Gemini filetype to Gnome
I put together a short guide to telling Gnome what a .gmi file is so it can recognize gemtext on a network share where it's not checking the file contents. Bonus: I could now tell it to open them directly in Lagrange.

TBH I usually write my posts in WordPress and then copy-paste them into Gedit, where I add the gemtext markup.