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iirc they limit the filesize and download speed

smailpro is another one.

also EmailonDeck is also useful, it doesn’t have gmail but they change the domain very frequently so it’s not blocked on most websites.

bromite and brave isolate sites ? where can I learn more ?

Remote-only posts ?
mastodon has an option to see remote-only toots in the federated timeline, does lemmy have something similar ?

I uploaded it to fotoforensics and it does seem to be edited (not sure how accurate it is tho)

would it be possible to create a frontend for Google maps ?

does this let you download zlib-exclusive books ?

the domain name and email seems to be the easiest way to be found out like that, I’ve seen many projects go down just because of a domain name

most of the fediverse has an API so I think it’d be pretty easy to hack around an script that does what you’re asking

if I may ask, how did you get banned from reddit ?

tildes.net, I don’t have an account but I visit there anyway

Github alternative ?
what is the best alternative to github ? my main requirements are that 1. it should be free, and 2. it should not go down or get discontinued anytime soon


yeah I got it, I asked a friend to translate the captcha and created the account, thanks tho (on a sidenote, I use Firefox and have the translate extension)

you can also use IRC to download books

I see Thanks, I’ll learn more paradigms

The hardest part is “weird” expressions like Index'Pos(Index'Succ(Index'First));

Yes! this is exactly what I mean.

I bascally have trouble with anything that’s not like pseudo-code (i.e. Python) and C-style syntax, although I can probably read PHP too.

How do you read source code of open source programs if you don't know the language its written in ?
this happens a lot, I want to find out how something works but I don't know the said programming language and so I can't read the source code, I've tried looking up stuff in cheatsheets but they don't really help that much and Search Engines are obviously useless for this since they can't search symbols, so how do you read the source code without spending time learning the language ?

Am I overthinking it?

imo, yes.

you should just start uploading to whichever ones you have access to, and are popular enough that people would download your content.

how do I use this ? can’t find more communities and do I need a different account for this ? also no upvote/downvote ?

what Matrix client do you use on android ?
element is slow :|

LPT: if you need to find an RSS feed of a site, just search `feed:<name of site>` on bing
for example if I need to find the rss feed of lwn.net I can search `feed:lwn.net` to get the result https://lwn.net/headlines/rss, you can also use duckduckgo but it includes irrelevant results for some reason, it should also work in searx.