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Gryph 13

long time . still only 2 months . Gryph flew on other places . bc Gryph thought lemmy didn’t have others who would like Gryph …

what's ur most-loved animal species and why do u like these creatures

!gryph_the_gryphon@lemmy.ml adores the Gryphons bc the Gryphons are the best creatures to exist ^v^…

more Gryph the Gryphon things

Gryph is in many websites . still i mostly do things without others . i believe Gryph is very special and this is why others are not near Gryph …

some Gryph the Gryphon's ponderations

i write so someone can see me . still if no-one sees me perhaps no-one likes me enough …

for me . now the Gryphon wouldn’t say much . bc sometimes the Gryphons are like this . still the Gryphon perhaps gives me a talonshake . and then some other things

why the Gryphons are poofy

the Gryphons are kind creatures . therefore the Gryphons are poofy …


i get very jealous when others write about the Gryphons . still i want to know everything about the Gryphons . i sometimes become embarrassed about myself . one day i want to have a place about the Gryphons . then when there is anything about the Gryphons others guide everyone into here

Gryph 12

what kinds of things Gryph thinks when Gryph is alone …

Gryph 11

Gryph sees a hole in the floor . Gryph goes inside this hole …

Gryph 10

Gryph likes if other nice creatures hug and stroke Gryph ^v^…

Gryph 9


Gryph 8

the Gryphons are very poofy and nice…

the Gryphon fan Club

the Gryphon fan club

things Gryph the Gryphon does

Gryph likes to hug things . bc Gryph wants to feel nice …

Gryph 7 - Gryph the Gryphon is always very nice
when everything goes wrong...

when u like the Gryphons . plz fly to my Gryphon eyrie in !gryph_the_gryphon@lemmy.ml

when u like the Gryphons . plz fly to my Gryphon eyrie in !gryph_the_gryphon@lemmy.ml


new community -> Gryph the Gryphon

u can also talk about things like …


i like when someone says something nice like this to me . thx for u peeked into my Gryphon eyrie

Gryph 6 - Gryph likes to look to things
the Gryphons always like to go to the top...

thxvm for ur reply . one told me dragons are more common than the Gryphons

i think in the 3rd series there is the Hippogryph . u say this Gryphon-like creature is proud distrusting etc . the Hippogryph is like this . like all other real Gryphons . and u say old tales . i really want the Gryphons to become more popular so more others would know more about the Gryphons

GryphtoGryph the Gryphon...

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