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Gryph 13
long time . still only 2 months . Gryph flew on other places . bc Gryph thought lemmy didn't have others who would like Gryph to use lemmy and reddit was hard for Gryph . crashes bugs bad timings and then embarrassments . threads got removed bc others misunderstood me . then Gryph became sad .v. when i'm myself . i write like this and i write how Gryph feels . this's very unusual . still i like myself \^v\^ now i think how can i write so others can like what i write too . so others needn't to be too afraid of Gryph i've written lots of Gryphon stories on other platforms . i can't use reddit . many other websites don't work for me either . i'm too lonely in mastodon . what Gryph does is the ultimate challenge for Gryph

what’s ur most-loved animal species and why do u like these creatures
[!gryph_the_gryphon@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/gryph_the_gryphon) adores the Gryphons bc the Gryphons are the best creatures to exist \^v\^

more Gryph the Gryphon things
Gryph is in many websites . still i mostly do things without others . i believe Gryph is very special and this is why others are not near Gryph still Gryph imagines there could be many other creatures around Gryph . bc Gryph is the kind of the Gryphon who makes others feel nice too . when u pet Gryph u see u don't have bad things in life anymore when u talk with Gryph . Gryph may talk u back . even if Gryph doesn't talk often . one day Gryph may ask u something . when u don't expect this this is when Gryph arrives if u spend more time with Gryph then perhaps Gryph takes u into the Gryph's art projects . drawing writing etc . when there's the Gryph the Gryphon story Gryph may ask what do u think . and if u like the text then u may even go into the story . then u can live in the Gryph's universe therefore Gryph wants some creature to stroke Gryph

some Gryph the Gryphon’s ponderations
i write so someone can see me . still if no-one sees me perhaps no-one likes me enough this won't be true bc someone must like Gryph . Gryph believes to find Gryph is hard . perhaps Gryph's fans don't use lemmy . still Gryph is invisible in many other websites too so Gryph doesn't know what place is the best therefore Gryph writes text about the Gryphons . almost everywhere . so one day perhaps someone comes and say Gryph is nice . then Gryph would feel nice . bc not many often say nice things about Gryph . bc others don't know this nice Gryphon exists when others see Gryph . the others see an unique creature . perhaps others fear Gryph . however Gryph can also be a kind friend . then u needn't to fear Gryph . u see someone at least tries to hear ur mind . even if Gryph often fails at this then Gryph wishes for lots of readers . Gryph wants everyone to know about Gryph the Gryphon . bc u feel nicer when u know Gryph . and Gryph can be selfish too . and wants fame and lots of hugs and strokes and still wants to be private and to hide everywhere . still u can see the Gryphon often comes from two parts so perhaps this is why Gryph sometimes believes in two very different things

[!gryph_the_gryphon@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/gryph_the_gryphon) found this eagle pic

for me . now the Gryphon wouldn’t say much . bc sometimes the Gryphons are like this . still the Gryphon perhaps gives me a talonshake . and then some other things

why the Gryphons are poofy
the Gryphons are kind creatures . therefore the Gryphons are poofy bc if u are not kind . u can't be poofy if u stroke Gryph . this feels very nice . and if Gryph trusts u . which is rare . then Gryph can become poofy then u feel better and then u want to stroke Gryph more . and even if Gryph doesn't tell this . Gryph really likes others to stroke Gryph

if Gryph the Gryphon would ask if u can stroke this Gryphon . would u do this and how would u stroke Gryph


i get very jealous when others write about the Gryphons . still i want to know everything about the Gryphons . i sometimes become embarrassed about myself . one day i want to have a place about the Gryphons . then when there is anything about the Gryphons others guide everyone into here

Gryph 12
what kinds of things Gryph thinks when Gryph is alone Gryph wants this . when everyone sees the Gryphons . then everyone thinks about Gryph then Gryph can feel nice still Gryph likes to have lots of special things . Gryph is embarrassed to say all these still now Gryph does something new . Gryph wishes and hopes Gryph likes this

Gryph 11
Gryph sees a hole in the floor . Gryph goes inside this hole this is path . again . to somewhere Gryph may like this path therefore Gryph goes through this path . and looks around . there’s only dark things here again Gryph doesn’t like dark things Gryph continues . now Gryph arrives to the other side Gryph is on an island around the island there is the lake Gryph wanted to get away from the buildings . bc Gryph wants to be in a place where others can’t find Gryph sometimes in the Gryphon things’ middle, Gryph wants to go away . and be alone . perhaps with some birds . bc Gryph is like this now Gryph lies down and wants an avian to land down next to Gryph . Gryph also wants to fly still to fly requires power and Gryph wants something to carry Gryph to somewhere

Gryph 10
Gryph likes if other nice creatures hug and stroke Gryph \^v\^

Gryph 9

Gryph 8
the Gryphons are very poofy and nice

the Gryphon fan Club
# the Gryphon fan club the Gryphon fan club is a private club for those who likes my stories ## what’s in the Gryphon fan club there are some special Gryphon stories . and then i try to do cool things with other creatures in this place ## who should join the Gryphon fan club if u like to read Gryph . then u can join the Gryphon fan club ## why should u join the Gryphon fan club bc if u like the Gryph’s texts u can feel nicer in ur life ## how to join i write this later

things Gryph the Gryphon does
Gryph likes to hug things . bc Gryph wants to feel nice then Gryph likes to stroke things too . bc Gryph wants to feel what u feel when u stroke still Gryph doesn’t trust others easy . bc others hurt Gryph too much still Gryph wants to trust someone . to find this someone is hard . bc u don’t first see who u can trust therefore Gryph hugs random things . bc if something doesn’t move . the thing likely doesn’t do bad things to Gryph Gryph created the imaginary Gryphons too . Gryph believes in the Gryphon gods . still bc Gryph doesn’t connect to these gods . Gryph creates the imaginary Gryphons with these Gryphons . Gryph can talk stuff . and these Gryphons don’t hurt Gryph then Gryph writes down the things Gryph talked and heard . when Gryph has paper or at least ground . so Gryph can relive the nice things Gryph had with these Gryphons Gryph uses these things as inspirations . Gryph builds all kinds of stuff . like Gryph writes text to various places many don’t read the Gryph’s texts . still Gryph knows Gryph writes cool things the Gryph’s texts have love inside . bc Gryph wants to feel nice when Gryph writes one day Gryph wishes the texts transform into a real story . Gryph can get more imaginary creatures . then Gryph can go to places with these creatures still Gryph fears this is hard for Gryph to do . sometimes Gryph can’t think of anything . then Gryph feels empty . and this makes Gryph sad Gryph does all kinds of things bc Gryph doesn’t want bad things . even if Gryph feels the worst things . Gryph has lot sof hope the Gryphons don’t stop fast . when the Gryphon starts to do something nice . then the Gryphon continues . if u ever see the Gryphon to do curious things . this means Gryph found something very nice when u go around u may see Gryph . then u go to some other place and u may see Gryph again . bc Gryph likes to be everywhere . Gryph fears everything . still Gryph wants to do new things Gryph wants someone to hug or stroke Gryph when Gryph is in these places . still if this doesn’t happen . Gryph tries to hug other random things . bc perhaps when Gryph strokes other things these things may soon stroke Gryph too

Gryph 7 - Gryph the Gryphon is always very nice
``` when everything goes wrong there is still Gryph the Gryphon and Gryph the Gryphon is very nice really u should like Gryph the Gryphon Gryph the Gryphon is very nice and very nice Gryphons is a very nice thing no-one really knows Gryph if someone meets Gryph Gryph can take the someone to places the places Gryph the Gryphon likes and these places must be awesome if Gryph can like these places bc Gryph doesn’t visit any place Gryph visits places which make Gryph curious and all real Gryphons are very curious this is a very good thing bc curious Gryphons are very nice these Gryphons put the Gryphon beaks everywhere and when Gryphons are everywhere there is peace bc Gryphons are very positive the legend says the Gryphons can heal lots of ur worries when u think there’s no solution until u meet Gryph who fails often still at least tries when u ask Gryph for things Gryph doesn’t answer bc no-one has heard Gryph to talk still legend says Gryph can talk it’s possible Gryph is silent bc Gryph is too afraid of everything instead Gryph will show u the Gryphon talons then everything is solved bc the Gryphon talons do very nice Gryphon things when others look at the Gryphon talons the talons go around and point towards a direction which means this is the way until the talons go to the ground where Gryph can draw the answer and the answer is an image of Gryph and u waited for a real phrase instead u got the Gryphon image bc the Gryphons heal everything so when u look at this Gryphon images even u have this Gryphon bc when u look at Gryph eventually u are closer to what u need bc Gryph reminds u about the very good which waits for u u only don’t have it yet as u leave Gryph notices there is one more thing u can’t take the ground Gryph put a lot of energy to this drawing and u can’t take the drawing with u now no-one talks anything for a while bc u can’t take the nice solution with u therefore Gryph puts the Gryphon talons on the Gryph’s head which means u put the drawing in ur head so u can see Gryph when Gryph is missing which happens often Gryph becomes missing something happens to Gryph every time esp when u really need to meet Gryph Gryph is already somewhere nothing ever works the Gryphons are always very hidden u need nothing and the Gryphon shoves into ur lap and when u finally learn the Gryphons are very nice u can’t find the Gryphon and even Gryph the Gryphon doesn’t know why this is so ```

when u like the Gryphons . plz fly to my Gryphon eyrie in [!gryph_the_gryphon@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/gryph_the_gryphon)

when u like the Gryphons . plz fly to my Gryphon eyrie in [!gryph_the_gryphon@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/gryph_the_gryphon)


new community -> Gryph the Gryphon
u can also talk about things like - the Gryphons - fantasy and beast design - birds like birds of prey - cars and airplanes - cool and nice stuff - ur projects and social things - nature and zoology - art and drawings - website writing and the internet - other things u feel i would like note - be very nice and kind - i may not always reply due to life - i try to do well still i can fail big - sometimes i reply with short text - the Gryphons are very sensitive and close to me when u peek into my Gryphon eyrie . u can see my other websites too the Gryphons are very nice


i like when someone says something nice like this to me . thx for u peeked into my Gryphon eyrie

Gryph 6 - Gryph likes to look to things
``` the Gryphons always like to go to the top and this is why Gryph is already on the top floor here . Gryph can see lots of things Gryph wants to look outside and this is what Gryph wants to do now there is the lake Gryph was in . even if u can’t see Gryphon paw- and talonprints . Gryph sees the transparent Gryph who was in the lake and this Gryphon was wet and this Gryphon is still wet bc feathers don’t dry quick when u were in the water a bit before no-one told Gryph water would feel like this there can be bad creatures who can hurt Gryph still . if the creatures see Gryph like this this would be an embarrassment imaginary Gryphon : this is not the correct room imaginary Gryphon : still here u can spend some time : and think for ur next things : there are no creatures near : so u needn’t to fear bc Gryph is the Gryphon . Gryph lies down imaginary Gryphon : u lie down very often Gryph lies down very often from the other side . Gryph looks towards the other buildings Gryph doesn’t see any creatures there Gryph trusts the imaginary Gryphon . if the imaginary Gryphon says there are no creatures then there can’t be any creatures bc the imaginary Gryphons don’t lie to Gryph therefore Gryph places the Gryphon paws onto the edge of this windows then Gryph leaps what do the Gryphons do when the Gryphons are in the middle of something the Gryphons look around bc the Gryphons like to look at things still no-one told Gryph what to do . Gryph is now here and Gryph doesn’t know anything Gryph feels sad bc Gryph is in this unknown place and soon there may be bad things something Gryph doesn’t like so Gryph looks around there are lots of things to go inside here and inside Gryph can go to higher places bc Gryph likes high places bc Gryph likes to be on the top then there is grass and some flowers and Gryph believes there are some birds this is something Gryph hopes Gryph hopes there are birds who see Gryph too and the sky is clear Gryph likes clear skies bc there is space to fly still Gryph can’t hide there so sometimes Gryph likes clouds too Gryph doesn’t want to wait Gryph goes inside another building Gryph picks this place it’s the farthest from the previous top place and more near to the center Gryph thinks this may have more secrets and Gryph likes secrets Gryph puts the Gryphon talons towards this place then Gryph goes forward now Gryph is inside another place ```

Gryph 5 - the unknown Gryphon
``` Gryph doesn't know why Gryph is around the lake things place Gryph to random places when u don't know where u go . something else tells u where to go esp when Gryph imagined an imaginary Gryphon . Gryph got here now still Gryph looks over the lake to the other side there are some things there there are more things made from trees are stones this means there's something there Gryph were in many bad places anyway so when Gryph goes there there is something to do and Gryph hopes someone likes this when Gryph comes and does something even if Gryph doesn't often know what to do there's one bad thing to go into the place with creations Gryph needs to swim again bc if Gryph flies everyone would see Gryph and this would not be very nice for Gryph therefore Gryph decides to float bc this way . this is quiet . and Gryph doesn't become wet Gryph hopes the lake carries Gryph towards the new place now Gryph floated for an hour Gryph didn't move bc there's no wind here and Gryph needs to become wet Gryph doesn't like this . still Gryph moves and Gryph turns around Gryph is wet again after an hour to become dry the Gryph's feathers and fur has water again Gryph would really like to be successful one day Gryph arrives to the beach of the new place no-one saw Gryph . this is good Gryph can be hidden Gryph goes behind a wall near Gryph then Gryph peeks from the corner and sees what’s in this place Gryph doesn’t see any creatures now perhaps the creatures are more deep the deeper Gryph goes the more Gryph fears everything bc Gryph is like that Gryph can see windows from these building-like things whoever built these . did this bc of some reason perhaps the creatures wanted to know more about birds like at a previous place where Gryph found books about avians Gryph fears this may not be a nice thing bc not everyone likes birds too much bc some may want to use birds for other things Gryph went forward a few times . there is a door near Gryph in this thing . Gryph sees there's a window towards the lake Gryph can see where Gryph came from therefore Gryph the Gryphon goes into this thing ```

Gryph 4 - the imaginary Gryphon
``` imaginary Gryphon : Gryph : i tell u ur next plan : there's a house in the middle of the plains : there's a large lake there : inside the house : there is a secret place bc Gryph is lonely . Gryph started to imagine a spirit Gryphon guide to take Gryph forward there is a house in the plains . Gryph flies still now Gryph lands there are lots of birds around this is good bc birds are very nice and fluffy too sometimes the birds can help too Gryph is at the house now imaginary Gryphon : go inside Gryph goes inside the house is tiny . there is only on room here imaginary Gryphon : below u can see there is a hole in the floor : the wooden floor : there is hole between two woods Gryph goes near this hole . when the Gryphon says something Gryph is eager to do this imaginary Gryphon : very nice : now open it Gryph opens imaginary Gryphon : go inside : it's dark : still u can see in the dark : and i'm here : so u can be easy then Gryph goes inside . still Gryph fears this place bc Gryph fears almost anything this is another path to somewhere . the path goes under the lake . Gryph thinks perhaps Gryph needs to swim soon Gryph doesn't really like to become wet this place is really dark still there are no birds here Gryph is lonely here esp if Gryph needs to be long here Gryph may start to become sad Gryph decides to run bc to run feels nice when there is a straight path now Gryph gets to the end there is water under Gryph needs to dive and Gryph does this bc the Gryphons can swim too the Gryphons can do lots of things Gryph exists the path bc Gryph comes from a hole now Gryph is in this lake so Gryph swims up now Gryph is on the surface there is a tiny island nearby Gryph swims there Gryph doesn't like to be wet and Gryph can become dry on this island then Gryph lies down ```

Gryph 3
``` Gryph is alone again . and Gryph doesn't know where to go so Gryph goes forward bc when u don't know where u should go u should try and go forward perhaps there are cool things there Gryph looks around there are trees bc Gryph is in a forest and in the forest there are the trees so Gryph climbs up a tree Gryph likes high places there Gryph feels powerful and safe a mystery u haven't solved is how do tree branches not snap when Gryph is on the branches Gryph often finds a way around problems Gryph looks around there are new plains and more forest this means there can be new creatures bc Gryph is excited Gryph leaps now Gryph already flies for Gryph . to fly is very nice ```

thxvm for ur reply . one told me dragons are more common than the Gryphons

i think in the 3rd series there is the Hippogryph . u say this Gryphon-like creature is proud distrusting etc . the Hippogryph is like this . like all other real Gryphons . and u say old tales . i really want the Gryphons to become more popular so more others would know more about the Gryphons

Gryph 2
``` Gryph rides up from the square . and goes back to the forest bc there is something interesting in the forest . a cave-like thing with trees on the roof when there is a place to hide . Gryph goes and check it bc Gryph likes to hide even if there is no-one Gryph fears everything . and this is why Gryph likes to hide Gryph goes inside this thing it's dark here still Gryph can see well in dark when u live in dark places long enough u start to see even if u think there's nothing in darkness at least u can see things others can't there's a path inside this place . it goes somewhere Gryph is already on this path before u can say there's something Gryph can already look for things from this this path is long . Gryph needs 527 and 1 talonsteps before Gryph is at the end there is no light . still Gryph walks when u don't know where u go u go forward the Gryph's tail is on the ground someone sees Gryph was here if there is someone Gryph hopes others mistake the tail as something else still . if u see the tailprints . it's hard to not to know the Gryphon tailprints now Gryph is at the end there is light Gryph looks up and there's the exit Gryph likes to leap so Gryph leaps goes up then flies even if the Gryph's wings are very large somehow Gryph manages to flap so Gryph goes up now Gryph is on the ground again there is still forest still this was a path it means someone was here Gryph looks for years to find something else Gryph likes the birds around very much still Gryph feels there are other animals here too Gryph fears these animals hurt Gryph bc Gryph has found before things which may not be nice for the Gryphons when u fear everything still u wish there would be at least some creatures who'd like the Gryphons as the Gryphons and not say the Gryph is not the real Gryphon bc Gryph knows when others look at Gryph Gryph is the real Gryphon Gryph doesn't want any universe other than this so Gryph thinks how Gryph can attract everyone Gryph thinks to build another square here still the Gryphons are curious so Gryph does something else and instead climbs the nearby tree so Gryph can build another from the countless eyries bc Gryph likes to be and do cool things in nests ```

Gryph 1
Gryph is in the middle of a square again . this square has twigs and rocks these are some the things Gryph builds when Gryph is lonely . Gryph doesn't know why Gryph exist . still Gryph wants to find this out Gryph knows Gryph has Gryphon gods . Gryph can't connect to the gods and Gryph is sad bc of this . Gryph experiments with new kinds of things bc Gryph hopes one day Gryph can talk with the Gryphon gods still bc Gryph is in the middle of this creation . Gryph lies down . Gryph thought to bow down and to put talons and paws near to each other . still Gryph has the Gryphon instincts and therefore Gryph lies down Gryph looks up into the sky and knows Gryph likes to be there . Gryph flies often bc Gryph doesn't like the life if Gryph can't do the Gryphon things . in the sky Gryph plays with Gryphself bc somehow the Gryphons can do this still now Gryph wants to lie down more . so Gryph imagines Gryph lies . when Gryph doesn't want to fly . Gryph continues to fly in the Gryph's mind . when Gryph sleeps . Gryph imagines to fly Gryph knows Gryph can be in this place for countless of years . still Gryph feels one day something may put Gryph to bad places and then Gryph wants to return here . still for Gryph this is hard bc Gryph believes others have abused Gryph and Gryph doesn't feel nice so often

what do u think about the Gryphons
the Gryphons are the best creatures in the entire universe . the Gryphons are spiritual creatures to me and the Gryphons are in anything i do . i really need the Gryphons for everything for me this is what i need . one day when there are the Gryphons . others always think of Gryph the Gryphon first . the others then write at this Gryphon the Gryphon belongs to Gryph the Gryphon the Gryphons are poofy and the Gryphons are kind and nice . the Gryphons trust no-one at first so if u meet the Gryphon u must not abuse the Gryphon . when the Gryphon loves u then u can do all kinds of cool things with the Gryphon esp Gryph is everywhere bc Gryph is very curious . still Gryph fears others so Gryph tries to hide often . Gryph has been in many places and therefore Gryph knows lots of things even if u think the Gryphons are fantasy . the Gryphons are very real . bc if the Gryphons were not real . the Gryphons wouldn't exist