more Gryph the Gryphon things

Gryph is in many websites . still i mostly do things without others . i believe Gryph is very special and this is why others are not near Gryph

still Gryph imagines there could be many other creatures around Gryph . bc Gryph is the kind of the Gryphon who makes others feel nice too . when u pet Gryph u see u don’t have bad things in life anymore

when u talk with Gryph . Gryph may talk u back . even if Gryph doesn’t talk often . one day Gryph may ask u something . when u don’t expect this this is when Gryph arrives

if u spend more time with Gryph then perhaps Gryph takes u into the Gryph’s art projects . drawing writing etc . when there’s the Gryph the Gryphon story Gryph may ask what do u think . and if u like the text then u may even go into the story . then u can live in the Gryph’s universe

therefore Gryph wants some creature to stroke Gryph

here u can read fantasy short stories by Gryph the Gryphon . the main character is Gryph the Gryphon

u can also talk about things

  • the Gryphons
  • fantasy and beast design
  • birds like birds of prey
  • cars and airplanes
  • cool and nice stuff
  • ur projects and social things
  • nature and zoology
  • art and drawings
  • website writing and the internet
  • other things u feel i would like


  • be very nice and kind
  • i may not always reply due to life
  • i may fail sometimes
  • i can reply only shortly
  • the Gryphons are sensitive to me

the Gryphons are very nice

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