Gryph 6 - Gryph likes to look to things
the Gryphons always like to go to the top

and this is why Gryph is already on the top floor

here . Gryph can see lots of things

Gryph wants to look outside and this is what Gryph wants to do now

there is the lake Gryph was in . even if u can’t see Gryphon paw- and talonprints . Gryph sees the transparent Gryph who was in the lake

and this Gryphon was wet

and this Gryphon is still wet

bc feathers don’t dry quick

when u were in the water a bit before

no-one told Gryph water would feel like this

there can be bad creatures who can hurt Gryph

still . if the creatures see Gryph like this

this would be an embarrassment

imaginary Gryphon
	: this is not the correct room

imaginary Gryphon
	: still here u can spend some time
	: and think for ur next things
	: there are no creatures near
	: so u needn’t to fear

bc Gryph is the Gryphon . Gryph lies down

imaginary Gryphon
	: u lie down very often

Gryph lies down very often

from the other side . Gryph looks towards the other buildings

Gryph doesn’t see any creatures there

Gryph trusts the imaginary Gryphon . if the imaginary Gryphon says there are no creatures

then there can’t be any creatures

bc the imaginary Gryphons don’t lie to Gryph

therefore Gryph places the Gryphon paws onto the edge of this windows

then Gryph leaps

what do the Gryphons do when the Gryphons are in the middle of something

the Gryphons look around

bc the Gryphons like to look at things

still no-one told Gryph what to do . Gryph is now here

and Gryph doesn’t know anything

Gryph feels sad bc Gryph is in this unknown place

and soon there may be bad things

something Gryph doesn’t like

so Gryph looks around

there are lots of things to go inside here

and inside Gryph can go to higher places

bc Gryph likes high places

bc Gryph likes to be on the top

then there is grass

and some flowers

and Gryph believes there are some birds

this is something Gryph hopes

Gryph hopes there are birds who see Gryph too

and the sky is clear

Gryph likes clear skies

bc there is space to fly

still Gryph can’t hide there

so sometimes Gryph likes clouds too

Gryph doesn’t want to wait

Gryph goes inside another building

Gryph picks this place

it’s the farthest from the previous top place

and more near to the center

Gryph thinks this may have more secrets

and Gryph likes secrets

Gryph puts the Gryphon talons towards this place

then Gryph goes forward

now Gryph is inside another place

here u can read fantasy short stories by Gryph the Gryphon . the main character is Gryph the Gryphon

u can also talk about things

  • the Gryphons
  • fantasy and beast design
  • birds like birds of prey
  • cars and airplanes
  • cool and nice stuff
  • ur projects and social things
  • nature and zoology
  • art and drawings
  • website writing and the internet
  • other things u feel i would like


  • be very nice and kind
  • i may not always reply due to life
  • i may fail sometimes
  • i can reply only shortly
  • the Gryphons are sensitive to me

the Gryphons are very nice

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