Gryph 13
Gryph 13

long time . still only 2 months . Gryph flew on other places . bc Gryph thought lemmy didn’t have others who would like Gryph

to use lemmy and reddit was hard for Gryph . crashes bugs bad timings and then embarrassments . threads got removed bc others misunderstood me . then Gryph became sad .v.

when i’m myself . i write like this and i write how Gryph feels . this’s very unusual . still i like myself ^v^

now i think how can i write so others can like what i write too . so others needn’t to be too afraid of Gryph

i’ve written lots of Gryphon stories on other platforms . i can’t use reddit . many other websites don’t work for me either . i’m too lonely in mastodon . what Gryph does is the ultimate challenge for Gryph

here u can read fantasy short stories by Gryph the Gryphon . the main character is Gryph the Gryphon

u can also talk about things

  • the Gryphons
  • fantasy and beast design
  • birds like birds of prey
  • cars and airplanes
  • cool and nice stuff
  • ur projects and social things
  • nature and zoology
  • art and drawings
  • website writing and the internet
  • other things u feel i would like


  • be very nice and kind
  • i may not always reply due to life
  • i may fail sometimes
  • i can reply only shortly
  • the Gryphons are sensitive to me

the Gryphons are very nice

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