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Yes and I would advocate against colonialism. I would not advocate for “returning sovereignty” to all the land that was stolen by parents or grandparents and beyond. That’s what returning sovereignty sounds like. I don’t know if that is the intended meaning. There are people who believe that, for example, Israel should disband, Jews should leave the area or become subject to Palestinian rule, etc. I don’t advocate that.

Neither of those things should happen. What would that even look like? Palestinians/American Indians are the only ones allowed in government? Jews/old world descendants leave the region? It’s ridiculous. We need reparations and concessions, but not returning sovereignty, whatever that means.

Tensions rise in middle east as one side wants all the land to be subject to a Jewish ethno-state, and the other side, who are not Jewish, don’t want their homes to be consumed by the ethno-state, and no one will compromise.

I don’t know, but here’s a good place to start: https://thefearlessheart.org/the-impossible-will-take-a-little-while-experiments-in-gift-economy-part-i/

Author has also written some ideas and stories about a utopian gift economy future. Here’s an example: https://thefearlessheart.org/store/reweaving-our-human-fabric/collective-triage/

Creating this community for a place to discuss Nonviolence, Gandhian, Kingian, or otherwise. This is a good article to start…

There’s no way that was one take. I mean there is a way, it just seems impossible.

Holochain provides some interesting answers. The whole idea was created by a couple of currency geeks who used bio-mimicry to create a system where value is self-defined and verified by peers. I highly recommend reading about it https://holo.host/faq/what-is-holochain/, https://github.com/holochain/holochain-proto/blob/whitepaper/holochain.pdf. There’s an etherium coin attached right now, disregard that, that’s not what the project is about.

Like a torrent of torrents.

It would be nice to have one that tells a little more specific geographical info. More than just “United States”

Does anyone have a good analytics alternative recommendation?

Yes my comment is not in context, it’s a general statement about what is preferable. I was just initially saying that it’s possible, even though it is disgusting and signifies a decline in childhood well-being, that a facebook for only children might be a net improvement in the world.

I don’t get how it avoids the background issue. You can be principally against killing any chickens and still recognize a situation where fewer chickens die as preferable.

If I own ten chickens and I kill and eat three, is that morally equivalent in your mind to owning ten chickens and killing and eating seven?

Nah, vegetarianism is an improvement from the perspective of animal rights. Fewer animals die. If you’re going to be puritan about it then veganism doesn’t help either because you still contribute to animal death by any number of activities, like driving a car and potentially running over a squirrel, or even all the animals that die from oil production. Or what about pest control on vegetable farms.

Yeah probably they shouldn’t be on social media. I’m just saying that it could be an improvement over the current situation. If children were constantly smoking cigarettes, giving them juuls would arguably be an improvement too.

It’s disturbing to think of a social network for kids, but a lot of kids are on current social networks, so maybe it could actually be a little bit of a safer place for them.

Just more people knowing about it. No one knows it exists.

Also, more normie subreddits. A lot of people join reddit for specific communities. The most active Lemmy communities are political or tech focused. Art communities like imaginarycityscapes or nosleep and fan communities for shows and movies draw in a lot of people. Lemmy’s userbase is made up largely of people who are able to comprehend what federation is, which is limited to people who understand what a server even is, which has an impact on the type of content.

Vacuum levitation has been invented, paving the way for solar-powered aircraft

Long thought impossible, O-Boot has proved that vacuum levitation is possible using complex carbon structures. This allows for something like a dirigible based not on lighter-than-air gas, but rather via creating a true vacuum. They plan to build an airship for eco-friendly transportation, and are c…