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Not presidential candidates. But it’s weird to criticize people who I’m sure have done way now than you will ever do to better the world.

How about you get elected to senate as a socialist independent and then run two giant presidential campaigns and then launch your criticism.

I mean OP is literally suggesting leaving out books for people to find them. It’s pretty identical to christian tactics.

Someone was talking a little while ago about starting a fedivangelism community. I think that’s a good idea.

Good point. Then what do you think the community is for?

On what basis do you say this?


I guess I was including bitcoin as decentralized. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to accomplish what bitcoin and other blockchain cryptos are doing without the insane volatility.

Is there any way to have a crypto that is resistant to speculation, and doesn’t have insane inflation/deflation on the daily?

This is an efficacy study, not safety. It doesn’t even address vaccine skepticism.

I don’t think “capitalists deserve what they have”, and I’m not clear on how that could be inferred or is even relevant to the conversation. I absolutely recognize the violence that has been carried out by the USA and Israeli states. I am merely advocating against removing Jews from the Middle East or foreign descendants from the Americas…amazing that that’s controversial.

Personally I am against all ethno-states. Removing an ethnic group from your state is always horrible.

Why can’t we just be against ethno-states? Even if we believe a Palestinian state would be as bad as or worse than Israel, Israel is the one with the power right now, and they are abusing it. They have no intention of making peace.

Yes and I would advocate against colonialism. I would not advocate for “returning sovereignty” to all the land that was stolen by parents or grandparents and beyond. That’s what returning sovereignty sounds like. I don’t know if that is the intended meaning. There are people who believe that, for example, Israel should disband, Jews should leave the area or become subject to Palestinian rule, etc. I don’t advocate that.

Neither of those things should happen. What would that even look like? Palestinians/American Indians are the only ones allowed in government? Jews/old world descendants leave the region? It’s ridiculous. We need reparations and concessions, but not returning sovereignty, whatever that means.

Tensions rise in middle east as one side wants all the land to be subject to a Jewish ethno-state, and the other side, who are not Jewish, don’t want their homes to be consumed by the ethno-state, and no one will compromise.

I don’t know, but here’s a good place to start: https://thefearlessheart.org/the-impossible-will-take-a-little-while-experiments-in-gift-economy-part-i/

Author has also written some ideas and stories about a utopian gift economy future. Here’s an example: https://thefearlessheart.org/store/reweaving-our-human-fabric/collective-triage/

Creating this community for a place to discuss Nonviolence, Gandhian, Kingian, or otherwise. This is a good article to start…

There’s no way that was one take. I mean there is a way, it just seems impossible.

Vacuum levitation has been invented, paving the way for solar-powered aircraft

Long thought impossible, O-Boot has proved that vacuum levitation is possible using complex carbon structures. This allows for something like a dirigible based not on lighter-than-air gas, but rather via creating a true vacuum. They plan to build an airship for eco-friendly transportation, and are c…