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Here’s something different. I use several external USB drives with mergeFS + EXT4 to backup my file server (LVM + EXT4).

For a daily driver? Lineage with microG gets my vote.

Never trust a web app with a pdf that contains sensitive data.

Now I’m curious. What kind of stuff is there to leisurely browse on matrix? I always thought it was just highly specific, mostly tech chat channels.

The web is Iost cause. You can choose to leave. There are projects out there like Gemini.

Word of warning for those looking to host their own. Last I checked Ipfs is not an anonymous network. Not sure how, or even if, this is addressed in the project. A little info on this would be nice.

This right here is one of the best finds I made last year.

With xBrowserSync for bookmarks and BitWarden for passwords, I am no longer tied to a browser on any platform. I run Firefox at home, Edge at work, and Brave on my phone; and I use none of their built in sync features. Switching browsers is no big deal now.

I think it’s also important to note that xBrowserSync is open source and the server can be self hosted (just like BitWarden).

Plant closing threats can turn into reality: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/wal-mart-to-close-unionized-quebec-store-1.554398

I’m certain Amazon can afford the make that fulfillment center closure seem like a necessary business maneuver and totally not retribution to unionization.

Not just in the US. It happened in Canada.


The real take away here is that these are the best jobs in that town.

I’ve read comments on other sites, that said Bessemer, Alabama is a very poor and small city. That Amazon fulfillment center employs a lot of people and, as bad as the job is, it’s still one of the best jobs in the area. Workers are afraid that if they unionize, Amazon will just shutdown the fulfillment center and leave everyone without work.

If you enjoy over engineering things check out beancount (or ledger/hledger)!

Hyperboria is using cjdns to connect local mesh networks to each other.



I’m a fan of Fedora. They update their packages regularly, but not bleeding edge. Their “toolbox” for spinning up containers is great for dev work. It let’s you easily spin up and destroy dev environments on a whim, without cluttering your system.

Not sure how their Nvidia drivers are lately, but IIRC they got a repo in the software center you can activate with them.

PICO-8 is awesome! Might also want to check out TIC-80, an open source alternative. https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80