I’m monolingual, but I’d like to learn Portugese.

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My native language is Dutch and I’ve learned English and German in school. I’ve learned Danish for family and my level is so good that I only need to work on listening skills and a little bit of speaking.

I also learn Portuguese and Arabic (MSA and Levantine) and I’ve just started learning Chinese.

But Portuguese is kinda on the backburner for now, so basically I’m learning mostly Mandarin and Arabic right now

I can only speak English and Spanish to a degree. I’m currently learning Russian and I am interested in learning Mandarin.

I speak English and Russian, and want to learn Latin.

Well I can understand 4 and speak 3 languages, Besides English, I grew up speaking German and Russian and in school, I’ve started learning Latin about a year ago.


I speak Italian, roman (not Romanian nor Latin, just roman) and English. I’m trying to learn Russian but that’s hard, also interested in esperanto n Spanish

I speak Danish and some German and am learning Russian and Na’vi

esperanto and japanese

Need to learn te reo māori at some point

I know English, Hindi and elementary Japanese. I plan to continue learning Japanese to a higher level when I move to Tokyo in a few months.

I want to learn Pashtun, one of the sweetest language to my ears.

I know:








Understand Slovenian but can’t speak it

And I’m learning German.

Linguistic superstar

That’s a lot! I would assume a lot of vocabulary to overlap between the Slavic languages, although I don’t know how similar they are.

Mandarin because if I ever get a real chance I’d do whatever I could to try and move to China and get out of the cesspit that is the West.

This is why I need to learn Mandarin too…and brush up on my Spanish.

Pretty much exactly what I was going to say.




I know

  • Portuguese
  • English

And I’d really like to learn Spanish, especially because I have the opportunity to become fluent in about a year and a half

I’d also like to learn mandarin but tried so many times and failed at this point that I’m losing hope

What did you use to learn mandarin?


Spanish, some Dutch, some Portuguese. Need to improve my Dutch, and Slovenian and Danish are the next on my list. I would like to learn many more, but it is an effort…

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