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They propably want to insinuate that the students were sold as slaves somewhere or killed.

Aww come on! The first one worked so well! Totally did not serve as big justification for another, even worse, round of slaughter.

Not shown is the heroic amount of paper work, administrative crunch and plain overtime to get all those clones equipped and their shipping presented that well for those corrupt bigwigs.

Propably the next stage in the evolution of propaganda. Most stock reporting is already done that way. Only a matter of time before bs-churning is also automated.

At war for 233 years for capitalist gain to be precise. From 1776 to 2022 the USA was at peace for 13 years.

Pure projection. 3. applied to them means 1. is worthless. We all saw 2 happening to Ukraine, 500 dead per day wasn’t it?

A small expeditionary force and local militias already resulted in disproportional losses for Ukraine and the depletion of foreign supplies to support it. And now Russia is mobilizing a force several times that initial force?

That would make him the most american president ever.

Ther name now refers to the color of the field uniforms of german soldiers. Hence their nickname “Olivegrüne”

Charles is preparing stakes and garlic as I type.

Then you’d have a prexisting army taken over by nazis. Same end result.

And Ukraine still lost about two battalions worth of soldiers through artillery strikes and air strikes. A very hollow victory.

That was a different lady. The one in the picture wasn’t even elected to her position.

The person who claim Leninism being revisionist is hilarious. Typical anarchist bs.