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  • The only reason I downloaded it was to watch vids that friends/fam sent me. Then I started following accounts I like (Adam Friedland,Chapo hosts,a few comedians and a few leftist party accounts) and eventually I started commenting and later posting. I get the appeal but now that Elon owns it, they have had a plague of porn bots that descend upon like 4 out of every 10 posts which is a huge problem ever since Elon fired like all of the content moderation team because of ThE WoKe ViRuS

  • I can definitely agree that too many Marxists don’t actually read the works 100% and I definitely agree that the good way of emphasizing that point is to explain small points and say “if you want a deeper dive, make sure to read X Book by Y Author” instead of telling people to shut up bc they read Economic Manuscripts of 1844 once 8 years ago.

  • I’m not that old so take this with a grain of salt, but this is the most Fascist that I’ve ever seen the USA domestically. The US gov is demonizing peaceful protesters while Biden says on Press Night that a free press and free speech must be respected and protected. Not to mention the teachers and staff being arrested or the students being doxxed or beaten by police. I certainly won’t vote for Trump but I’ve never wanted to see Biden lose so bad before. I genuinely believe he’ll die in office if he wins a second term.