The best part is how he conveniently omits the fact that US uses Cellibrite as well


They also hadn’t updated their public codebase in over a year, until they received so much backlash over it that they had to do so. They are def not to be trusted.

yeah I find Signal to be very sus

I feel like most of the “pro-privacy” options are honeypots designed to catch the kind of people who’d use pro-privacy options


The rabbit hole goes pretty deep, but heres where a lot of it starts.

Yeah, I think that if you really want something really private you pretty much have to host your own. This is why I like stuff like Matrix where anybody can run their own server and control who has access to it.


Well, he does say “and elsewhere.” 😉

those less known countries :)

liberalism is making excuses with a winky face

What is this saying, exactly?


Its the main dev of signal, moxie, who’s an anarcho imperialist, criticizing another security company for not solely working for the US gov like he does.


I didn’t know he does work with the US government. Sounds scary. Is he implementing backdoors or something like that?


deleted by creator


Regardless of how you feel about Moxie, my takeaway is that if you live in one of the countries serviced by Cellebrite, make sure you really check your phone for vulnerabilities. Otherwise, use Signal (or any other chat service) at your own risk. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Even just reading this a while back put me off Signal: Drew DeVault - I don’t trust Signal

Then I learned Dmitry Kleiner (author of the Telekommunist Manifesto) has also been incredibly critical of Signal for accepting US Government cash. He’s made references to it in several tweets, and I trust his work, but I haven’t cared to look myself. I couldn’t find the tweets after a quick search but if someone is more thorough than I am then he’s at

I continue to use Signal cautiously, as I have some folks on Signal. But I won’t do any organising on it.

didn’t Signal get accused of farming user data? if I’m remembering that right, then this is the pot calling the kettle black… but also the pot calling the kettle black, while also interjecting that their own perceived notions about the people who use kettles proves that the kettle is worse than it is.

I don’t generally give a shit about using any of these apps, I barely know what they do, but c’mon Signal, get your shit together.


They do, which is illegal to verify, because any US based company isn’t allowed to notify the public if its been asked by the US government to hand over its data. Many of us are not going to be surprised when signal turns out to be Crypto AG all over again.

Either way signal’s main identifier is phone numbers, which is tied to your identity. So even if the message contents are properly E2EE, they still have a connection map, as in names and addresses, of who contacted who at what time. And of course its a US company so that makes it inherently insecure.

Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.

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