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In the west, social-democracy and fascism spring forth from the same seed, namely white supremacy. Western social democrats believe that they can transition towards some form of socialism without destroying the imperialist order they are leading. They want the benefits of a socialist society while keeping the colonialist superstructure. This position is more aligned with fascism that it is with communism.

Of course, the Marxist definition of fascism is different than the definition used by the broad public, so going around saying “Bernie Sanders is a social-fascist” is probably not a good idea.

This whole thing is weird as hell. These Maoists are talking about a split between two parties that I didn’t even know existed until moments ago. They are delivering heavy polemics against what I can only imagine to be a very small group of people. Ultras being ultras, I guess.

No, they are certainly not. They seem to be Maoists who uphold Gonzalo thought. That’s what they say here, anyway.

Good books on Palestine?

Hey comrades, do you know any books on Palestine (history, etc)? I want to educate myself on this topic…

It’s funny how the US decries China for “lack of scientific cooperation”, bans them from participation in the ISS, and will presumably get mad when they build their own station instead…

Yea there’s no way the western press would report on this. It’s crazy to think that the countries who voted “yes” represent the majority of people on earth, and yet nothing is happening.

The vast majority of countries in the global south are advocating for an IP waiver. It’s everybody against the empire.