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There’s a rumour that it was the youtube lib hbomberguy who made Gargron call the posts “toots” in exchange for some donations

It’s a way to placate the “hehe toots” trolls while still getting them on the fediverse

Daily reminder that “ycombinator” in the domain name is a “startup incubator”, so it makes sense that its forums will be reactionary to the core

The problem is exacerbated by the new language and The Discourse from terminally online literal children on the fediverse

He’s an FBI agent tryna do psyops on the left. The thing is that they’re not sending their best, as one orange man would put it.

Honestly as soon as it’s feasible I might either get a standalone bidet installed or splurge for a washlet-style toilet/toilet seat

She’ll end up like Malala Yousafzai, forgotten after starting to talk radical

Watched the lib Münecat video on Meghan Markle and holy fuck are the British just not okay

Overall was somewhat good at school, graduated university with honors

Some of this backlash might definitely be just artists/developers afraid of competition. But it’d be interesting to see how the space develops.

I just feel useless
I just feel useless. I don't think there's any value in me. When the revolution comes that'll become even more apparent.

I'm not a Beautiful Mind
I'm not that romantic image of an autistic person the media paints. I'm not a walking-talking mental calculator who can recite π to a 1000 places. I'm not "walking Wikipedia" as a classmate called me. I might have a way with learning unnecessary things, but y'all know what? The NTs don't care. A proper well-adjusted neurotypical adult is gonna win with me most of the time. Because while they can easily study the topic, I can't exactly easily study being "normal". Autism is not that quirky thing like "Oh, I too might have autism because I like trains and hate people". It's an everyday struggle. A black pill I'm swallowing near every day, seeing how the deck was stacked against me from the start. Another job I feel stressed out at and on the verge of losing it. Sometimes I just can't. Sometimes I wonder whether it'd be easier for me if I just did not have a diagnosis and just thought there is something wrong with my behavior and my parents...