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Linux has a shitty reputation in the mainstream in general. The “desktop Linux” is a common punchline

It’s the matter of federation. The core team of the project is Marxist socialist, however they do not strictly restrict who gets to run an instance. So if The Right™ wants to do their Lemmy thing they have to run their own instance.

Over here in Poland I can pretty much use a smartphone right at the pump, they even have a payment method that involves you scanning a QR code on the pump and confirming payment with your card on the phone.

With every such link on Lemmy I discover a whole new Invidious instance and I’m totally loving it

Close, it’s Useless Duck Company, a creator who builds various “shitty robots”

Do they actually do these warnings about left-wing “”“extremists”“”?

I used to self-host but after getting pwned I switched over to Google’s paid offering. At least I don’t have to worry about it not working.

@Cysioland@lemmygrad.mltoLinuxgo ahead

“I wanna replace a bootloader with a different one, also add a boot splash”


“Can’t decrypt the disk, try again”

“Can’t decrypt the disk, try again”

“Okay I can decrypt the disk, just gimme the password”

On older laptop some programming language stickers. On a new one a rainbow paw and an oversized Arch Linux sticker

I check for multiple comments referencing the same issue. That made me not buy a cheap Philips automatic espresso maker and buy a slightly pricier DeLonghi automatic espresso maker

Yeah. I wonder how that’ll impact the talks of the hypothetical breakup

They were threatening the US so they had to go (according to the US)

What position are you interviewing for?

Honestly I think that Lemmy is pretty good, even if you discount the whole federation aspect. On that note also its fork, Hexbear, is quite interesting.

I'm not a Beautiful Mind

I’m not that romantic image of an autistic person the media paints. I’m not a walking-talking mental calculator who can recite π to a 1000 places. I’m not “walking Wikipedia” as a classmate called me. …