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Aww thanks~ ! I do hope lemmy continues to grow and that the interesting and cool communities begin to eclipse the edgy political content …

Fascinating, I’d be curious to learn what kind of cannabinoid and terpene profile these original cultivars had, and if we can recapture those genetics now out of the east asian landraces.

Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma” Official Release - Cinnamon, XFCE, Mate editions live

Today Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma” has been officially released. From the blog:…

1.2.0 Release: *POOLING*, Blockchain, Chialisp and Coloured coins - 2021-07-08

Today’s release brings a further development of the chia ecosystem, featuring official pooling support, and updates to the app components. In other news, “Mad Max” and related aftermarket plotters and plot-checking and managing utilities are gaining momentum. Exciting time in the cryptocurrency rea…

Perhaps write your own dissertation? Go home.

Monthly News – June 2021

From the Linux Mint blog: "Hello everyone!..

As someone who just had an SSD fail, makes me wonder if this phenomenon might have had anything to do with it… WD drive it was. Tech manufacturers are not your friends!

From the article: "Scientists at the University of Sydney and Japan’s National Institute for Material Science (NIMS) have discovered that an artificial network of nanowires can be tuned to respond in a brain-like way when electrically stimulated. " …

Hello Ishigami_san, fellow INTP here. Was searching Lemmy for an mbti community and your post was the only one that came up. Your post actually resonated with me a lot, I’m thinking about how to spin up my own Matrix homeserver too. Thus far I haven’t been able to get any of my IRL friends/family to check out Matrix/Element so if you are ever inclined to chat (about anything, really!) my current matrix id is @interphase1992:matrix.org

Yeah, the game is definitely imperfect, but I never expected or desired a 1:1 recreation of the original half life. It’s a perfect piece of art - an interpretation of a previous work made with lots of love. There were definitely areas where it could use polish - like getting stuck in certain areas and having to noclip to get out or restart a save. But they also added a lot of new content and expanded on the original maps so I actually enjoyed struggling with some of the new puzzles and admittedly, I sometimes gave up and watched play-through vids.

This is how I know I loved Black Mesa: If I had to introduce someone new to the Half Life universe by giving them a first game to play, I wouldn’t let them play Half Life or even Half Life: Source. I’d have them play Black Mesa.

Black Mesa is incredibly well done. Xen is just beautiful. Highly recommend to Half Life fans.

Great question, I’m wondering also. Closest thing I can think of is craigslist, but it’s only decentralized in how hands-off it is, not in how it operates. If there aren’t any, perhaps it’s time to start working on one ;)

Tutanota is pretty good and the app doesn’t use google notification services. Data stored on their servers can be surrendered upon request though.

From Ars Technica: "Google has announced that end-to-end encryption is rolling out to users of Google Messages, Android’s default SMS and RCS app. The feature has been in testing for months, and now it’s coming to everyone…

Apologies that this isn’t perhaps on F-Droid, but: Youtube Vanced & YT Music Vanced (or simply get Vanced Manager) at vancedapp.com

Curious how come the USA is ranked “minimally restrictive.”

From github post "…


Lukashenko’s shill factories

Yes by default. I have all personalization settings turned off that are user accessible. You can also disable news sources that you don’t like - for me it’s all the adwalled sites like NYT

Monthly News – May 2021

Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma” beta coming mid-June, and more news from May 2021…

From the article: "In a paper published in Science, biologists at Baylor College of Medicine, the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Rice University studying the tree of life unveil a new classification system for cell nuclei and the discovery of a method for transmuting one type of cell nucleus into …

Wikipedia current events portal for no-nonsense, just the facts headlines. Google news for everything else. Curious to hear what others use.

Bizarre. I was under the impression that for those in the USA, unlike the UK where this occurred, it’s unlawful to reject fiat currency as payment. However, a quick search query reveals this to be false: the federal reserve website says “There is no federal statute mandating that a private business, a person, or an organization must accept currency or coins as payment for goods or services. Private businesses are free to develop their own policies on whether to accept cash unless there is a state law that says otherwise.” For the curious. Paper money has a lot of issues to be sure, but phasing it out seems severely myopic imho.

After listening to his podcast with Lex Fridman I’ve gotta say, I like this guy. What regarding him is “bad”? I don’t use brave in favor of firefox because I prefer to block ads entirely rather than participate in a p2p creator funding token scheme. But that’s just my personal preference, I hope brave browser stays developed.

Monthly News – April 2021

Warpinator news, shells.com plug, hypnotix default iptv provider change, cinnamon 5.0, mint 18.0 EOL, and more…

Also see the picture-in-picture clip with “Extended MindPong with neural activity overlay.” : https://youtu.be/LgJpYOTll8U

Youtube - Monkey MindPong

Youtube: "Pager, a nine year old Macaque, plays MindPong with his Neuralink. www.neuralink.com "…