Brazil has about 214 million people…211M were leaked…


I tried to look up, if it’s maybe the case that the data of 211M Brazillians were leaked, and fuck me, there’s been a lot of massive Facebook leaks in recent years.

Cambridge Analytica was all the way back in 2018 with a laughably small number of 87 million affected.

Later that year in September, they leaked another 50 million people’s data.

In March 2019, they found out that they had been storing passwords in plaintext, which, if I remember correctly, mostly affected Instagram users.

In September 2019, 419 million users’ phone numbers were leaked.

In December 2019, there was a database discovered that was accessible without authentication, with phone numbers and names of 267 million users. That data was enriched with some e-mail addresses and such, and then got sold in April 2020.

Then I guess, they took a year off? And are now making a comeback with 533 million users’ data leaked.

And this list is probably not comprehensive.

It’s also interesting that there were seemingly less data breaches recorded before 2018.

Not sure, if that’s just a result of the journalistic gold rush after Cambridge Analytica, or if it’s because the GDPR took effect in 2018, under which it’s one of the worst offenses to not make it public when you’ve learned of a security breach.

This is so hilarious yet terrible, one of those moments when I could not hide my smirk in my privacy master race beliefs. I cannot feel pity for people who purposely act like they are asleep and just choose to bear this nonsense.

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