• @d1tt0
    102 years ago

    The standout section for me:

    Firefox maintains the largest extension market that’s not based on Chrome, and the company has said it will adopt Mv3 in the interest of cross-browser compatibility.

    Chrome is now too big to challenge. It’s Google’s internet now.

    • Ephera
      212 years ago

      Well, Firefox will adopt Mv3 in the sense that it will be trivial to port a Chrome extension to Firefox. (Which, yes, they do have to do, because Firefox is too small to sustain enough interest from extension devs.)

      However, this does not mean that they will adopt the same controversial limitations or drop currently supported APIs.
      It is already the case right now that Firefox supports more APIs than Chrome (e.g. the sidebar API) even though they are compatible with Chrome.

      And the most controversial aspect of Mv3 – the limitation of the API used for ad blocking – isn’t even relevant, because Firefox has its own, more powerful API which any reasonable ad blocker will use.

    • @Zerush
      42 years ago

      Unfortunately. I hope that the EC will be savvy, because it is the only power currently, capable of creating products at the level of those offered by Google, instead of supporting the infrastructure itself in products imported from the American oligopolies. It is only because of this sloppiness that Google has become so strong.