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Darwinism suggests that cumulative intelligence increases so long as intelligence is a desirable trait for a species in a specific environment.

Manipulating specific genetic traits with modern technology sounds like eugenics sponsored by private equity.

This looks top notch!

Going to give this a try. TY!!

I… didn’t expect Brave to be that good?

Wasn’t there something happened recently with Brave?

What text editor are you using?

I’ve used VS Code for a long time, but have recently grown weary of Microsoft’s approach to OSS. I’ve checked out VS Codium which seems like it might be a great option. …

It’s my fav Pokémon.

Is this a good place to start learning Linux at a finer level? Is a CS degree kind of required for that kind of thing?

The standout section for me:

Firefox maintains the largest extension market that’s not based on Chrome, and the company has said it will adopt Mv3 in the interest of cross-browser compatibility.

Chrome is now too big to challenge. It’s Google’s internet now.

Thank you for all your work, June.

This sucks.

Already microphones that always listen. This was the next “logical” leap for this dark path.