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My guess here is “evil” is the ecological impact of travel. High CO2 outputs from aircraft and prolonged automobile travel.

The rebuttal is: take lower carbon impact travel options.

IMO, traveling is inevitable and, maybe, necessary. There are few other ways to experience a culture and understand a people without it.

I also believe that by default docker does not shrink log files.

In the past I’ve used —log-opt max-size=10m or something similar to have docker keep the logs at 10megs

As the steam deck continues to push through all the blockades of gaming on linux, there will be a ton of gamers who make the switch.

the whole ideal behind PCMasterRace is exclusionary by default. They’ll have to open up eventually or be left behind. I mean even the Apple M1 games well.

Don’t a ton of providers actually not keep data? What’s the real impact of this?

This is EXACTLY the situation I’m in.

I can’t seem to convince any of my friends or family to get away from these apps, so if I want to communicate with them or stay connected with them I have to use these apps.

These dolts don’t even know how the internet works. They’re just getting paid by Warner Brothers to pass this legislation.

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What program is this?

Brutal. But in a good way.

njalla is what i use. i like it since they’re not technically a domain registrar. they are the “middleman” for you.

i’m also a big fan of how they responded to DHL

well that’s incredible. rebeccapurple is now my favorite color also.

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Darwinism suggests that cumulative intelligence increases so long as intelligence is a desirable trait for a species in a specific environment.

Manipulating specific genetic traits with modern technology sounds like eugenics sponsored by private equity.

What text editor are you using?
I've used VS Code for a long time, but have recently grown weary of Microsoft's approach to OSS. I've checked out [VS Codium](https://vscodium.com/) which seems like it might be a great option. What text editor are you using?