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It really just depends on how its used.

I think everything should be pruged. People make mistakes and change their minds

Waydroid works very well. I’m sure everything will work fine, however banking apps usually need to verify the device isn’t rooted or “hacked” and probably won’t work.

It literally doesn’t work if you slightly edit the photo. Tim Cook has allegedly been the one who has been pushing this within the company which makes me more worried.

What distro and desktop enviroment



True. My logic seems a little broken lol

Let’s just hope we don’t have civil war or states succeeding from the UNITED States…

Search on F-Droid. F-Droid is a FOSS android app store with only FOSS apps.

Searx is great. Searxng is a little better because of some developer drama

Sounds good to me although if I got paid $15 an hour and lived in California where things are much more expensive than for example Kentucky, there would be huge incentive for me and many others to leave expensive cities and states. This would destabilize them, as many lower paid people would leave, creating an absence of lower paid workers. I think it should be proportional to the average cost of living. Feel free to prove me wrong though, I’m completely open-minded to everyone’s thoughts.

Its clearly a bad idea to have no restrictions for open carry. Giving everyone the ability to carry guns without more checks and balances causes more mass shootings. School has been open for a month in Texas and they have already had a school shooting. Its fairly obvious that the easier it is to get guns, the more shootings there will be.

They will be regulated soon. Probably not broken up, but decently regulated. Once the first law gets passed, there’s no stopping 100 more.

Its not a Republican vs Democrat issue. We have had both presidents in the last 5 years and both haven’t done anything.

Is it possible to set my subscriptions to private?

I’d prefer my community subscription list to be private…