Hey! Back after a large break from lemmy and after returning to the community it seems it is more advice focused: what is the best way to learn programming vs story focused what is a bad mistake when you started programming.

My job as a moderator is to serve the community best I can, so instead of changing the rules to recklessly to bar topics further without consent, I want to extend an invitation for you, the members of the community, to share what you want to see content wise from this community.


I like it as is!


New rules ideas

  • Only questions about cats are allowed
  • Posts about dogs will result in being banned

Thank you!


  • @leanleft
    42 years ago

    unrelated but i propose that you change the icon. it makes it look like we all have no clue. i would suggest a megaphone with waves or something (to represent a broadcast). or something. idk. thats just my opinion.

    relate to the original topic:
    i see what you’re saying. it’s like /c/advice vs a true /c/askXYZ. i don’t have a stance on it. although i hadnt really thought about it too much.

    • EvanOPM
      32 years ago

      A mouse with a megaphone?

    • @yxzi
      22 years ago

      a megaphone makes it look like we all have no clue AND we’re shouting at each other tho

      • @leanleft
        2 years ago

        /c/advice is like this.
        they could make a quick swap of icons and it would be better.
        remove the person because that resembles ego.
        it’s not about ego. it’s about communication.