I am a former reddit user. Well okay, lurker. I liked the concept of reddit, but hated the issues that their team left unresolved: power tripping mods, censorship and later the whole Ellen Pao debacle and it just got worse from there. So I started looking for similar sites. I tried Aether, Tildes, I think I was also on Raddle at some point. Then I found Lemmy and here I am.

Ahri Boy

I am also a former Redditor. The admin team is usually corrupt. Silencing criticism of unfair mod actions could make Reddit user-hostile. Reddit is on the verge of collapse as Twitter.


See, I don’t think it is. While Reddit has many, many problems, most users seem to be okay with it. Heck, until about year ago, there was a subreddit called WatchRedditDie which had ample proof of Reddit’s shortcomings. However, Reddit never really died, corporate interests just took over. After this revelation, the mods of the subreddit rightfully gave up and archived the subreddit. I believe Reddit will only die when a mass exodus of users takes place, which is just not happening right now.

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