inspiring Pokemon fanfic writers, love fox, have a TB of pokemon art.

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I believe that Microsoft bought their phone division from Nokia but not the whole company.

I always did liked the eerie feeling of empty space, it gives you imagination of what the world would look like without humans

God dame it auto correct, I meant lemmy

It always amazing what you could find on youtube!

This guys make some great videos!>

My bad it was about 2 am when I posted this

Here is a link

It a reference to a rumor that kid were identified as furries and than were using litter box

What is your favorite Pokemon?
Mine is pretty obvious.

I seen that! Don’t we all feel bad for bidoof!

Found this on YouTube the other day

I am alright just been depressed, thank you for asking, I hoped you will feel better,I just been doing some homework, waiting for my friend to talk to since he always makes me feel better.

I am pretty sure 20 percent of what I posted on lemmey is stuff, I send you over at discord

We like way too many of the same thing!

I have friend that does nature walks and it really help him

How do you handle mental health?
Been dealing with some mental health issues that make me barely functional persons. That affects me. I just wondering how it effects you?

Pretty much what 90 percent of inspiration is from.

Huh, I never thought of this before until recently

Sort of hopefully, I could understand it

Nice! I honestly didn’t except so much pokemon art with Coummnist

I prefer to look as Eevee as fox as a personal preference