Thank you! I eventually found out about the AI-generated pictures. I know it’s weird on my part to listen to libs like that, but they always turn out wrong, so whatever… In this case I was pointing out that, even if what the webpage said was right, they weren’t claiming anything special.

We can go even deeper on the sources OP gave (what a shock the “don’t be mean” beehaw users act like mouthpieces for imperialism).

The ICIJ, despite its grand sounding name, is a CIA op. They were the ones who published the Pandora papers which were much smaller in size than the Panama papers (for which actual journalists died) and did not name any USians. None.

They’re an op to catch whistle-blowers essentially.

The BBC has long abandoned any non-partisan standing and some of their subsidiaries got their journalism licenses revoked by the UK gov because they are not journalists. I think there is a specific act that completely changed the BBC from being a public news broadcaster to simply a public broadcaster. I’d have to look for it.

The Guardian despite their “lefty” (self) claim is consistently against anything progressive. When corbyn was being smeared by the media for “anti semitism” (a claim which has now backfired on Labour and their Jewish constituents), they happily ran with the claims and amplified them. I have literally never seen any guardian article that wasn’t actually neoliberal propaganda. They’re at best a Blairite rag.

I’m surprised they didn’t cite Wikipedia lol

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