Almost inevitably, most of the people joining Lemmy instances are former-reddit posters those who consider it a ‘reddit clone’ as opposed to an independent link aggregator site. This can be seen in the most popular communities (simply recreations of existing reddit subreddits), terminology (people saying ‘sublemmies’ or ‘subs’) and most importantly, habits.

What social habits have you seen that are commonplace on reddit but should really be discouraged among users moving to here?


Cats vs dogs discourse turning incredibly toxic. Like, holy shit is it a dumpster fire on Reddit. It’s mostly from the cat subs where they just really love to hate dogs. For examplw: a sub called /r/airplaneears, which is about animals doing that thing where their ears point to either side, had to issue multiple statements that they allow all animals and has banned tons of users because it a sub that has mostly cats, and the cat people are absolutely rabid if someone posts a dog pic on it, complete with “I hope your dog dies” and “kill all dogs”. As a huge cat person, this is one of the biggest reasons I don’t associate with most cat people, this and the fact that most of them don’t care that cats destroy the ecosystem if you let them outside.

To be fair, dog people have plenty of toxicity against cats too. Some of it might be in retaliation to the hate they get, others might be genuine. Either way, I’m starting to see the beginnings of both sides of the toxicity here, and can we please leave that shit off Lemmy and just let people pick their favourite companion animals?


The artificial competition between cats and dogs is so silly. They’re both great animals but they’re completely different from each other. It doesn’t even make sense to compare them. They’re not the same. It’s like comparing rabbits and birds and trying to rank them. Why the fuck?

Rabbits are better


There is no such thing as better or worse when it comes to animals, just different. You’re wrong though, birds are quite clearly better lmao

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