What exactly do you mean by this? A citizen of China? Which province; which language? Do you wish to be born as someone who only speaks Mandarin despite their Chinese parents’ native tongue being one of the hundreds of other Chinese languages?

The categorization of ‘Han Chinese’ as an ethnic group is false nationalist propaganda. It is an arbitrary racial grouping. There is no such thing as A Chinese Culture, there are countless Chinese cultures. “Chinese” is an umbrella term legitimised only by the massive influence of the state and has nothing to do with the actual diversity of its peoples. Each of the so-called subgroups of ‘Han Chinese’ are NOT dialect groups but in fact full-fledged ethnolinguistic groups. The uniformity of Chinese people is spread by communists to erase minority cultures and languages and force them to assimilate into their imaginary ethnic group. China has more languages than the whole of europe, and the preposterous categorization of say Hakka or Wu or Yue or Min as merely dialects of a Chinese language is how a dominant people destroy the multiplicity of its societies. It’s why China government officials will vomit up the sheer ignorance to say “96% Chinese Tibetans can speak Tibetan” and happily continue to ban the use of the dozens of other ‘non-standard’ indigenous Tibetan languages. It’s how the Chinese diaspora all over the world are losing their mother tongues to Standard Mandarin. It’s how every Muslim in Xinjiang is being surveillanced. The moral of the story is FUCK IMPERIALIST CHINA!!!

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