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Vehement anti-colonialist looking for climate justice and linguistic equity. No agreement today, no agreement tomorrow. Halve emissions by 2030. he/him

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make notifications easier to read… just say “x and 30 others favourited your toot” instead of 31 seperate notifications…

If you mean individually, earn lots of money. If you mean as a global community, tackle the climate crisis head on.

who tf uses 4chan besides white supremacists 😂

What exactly do you mean by this? A citizen of China? Which province; which language? Do you wish to be born as someone who only speaks Mandarin despite their Chinese parents’ native tongue being one of the hundreds of other Chinese languages?

The categorization of ‘Han Chinese’ as an ethnic group is false nationalist propaganda. It is an arbitrary racial grouping. There is no such thing as A Chinese Culture, there are countless Chinese cultures. “Chinese” is an umbrella term legitimised only by the massive influence of the state and has nothing to do with the actual diversity of its peoples. Each of the so-called subgroups of ‘Han Chinese’ are NOT dialect groups but in fact full-fledged ethnolinguistic groups. The uniformity of Chinese people is spread by communists to erase minority cultures and languages and force them to assimilate into their imaginary ethnic group. China has more languages than the whole of europe, and the preposterous categorization of say Hakka or Wu or Yue or Min as merely dialects of a Chinese language is how a dominant people destroy the multiplicity of its societies. It’s why China government officials will vomit up the sheer ignorance to say “96% Chinese Tibetans can speak Tibetan” and happily continue to ban the use of the dozens of other ‘non-standard’ indigenous Tibetan languages. It’s how the Chinese diaspora all over the world are losing their mother tongues to Standard Mandarin. It’s how every Muslim in Xinjiang is being surveillanced. The moral of the story is FUCK IMPERIALIST CHINA!!!

[VIDEO] Crowd pushes car into river for hitting two people in Palembang, South Sumatra
On 13 March 2022, a driver was speeding around with two of his passengers throwing firecrackers out the window at padestrians. A man (55) and a child (10–15) were hospitalised after getting hit-and-run. The car was taken out of the river later the same day.

fucked up that arguments being made here is for the buyer rather than the worker/slave.

ive been wasting the past few days away, need to read up on so much…

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also, this has been broufht up b4 and is getting a rather dull

very diverse… got communist, anarchist, but everyone speak english

its your fault for climate change as well… better buck up

smell and stink are different. OP was ambiguous as to whether the smell their parents refer to was stink.

i agree, some people buy into the capitalist order to never smell like yourself with soaps and perfumes and deodarents that they probably don’t even know what they smell like anymore

dependency theory since the pillage of the americas

Narrow aesthetic interpretations impacting conservation efforts. Why should people love butterflies more than beetles? Why prioritize ‘cute’ mammals over the vastly more important but abstract notion of biodiversity of insects and worms and other arthropods?

Ive been trying to find stories of personal experiences in relation to this heatwave but its harder than it seems. Like just to learn how different people are handling it there.

bougette coirssant anywayy back to implementing neocolonialist policies in Africa

i was kind of a bully in some cases. not surpising given that i was raised with british (european) colonial ideologies

might as well just title it with web without white women

D. N. Aidit’s Sekarang Ia Sudah Dewasa (menjambut ulang tahun ke-35 PKI)

Thought provoking opinion piece on the perception of the climate emergency and linguistic semantics.

killing is not necessarily the crux of the problem, but rather the abstraction and trivialization of its burden to the capitalistic system. Indigenous peoples ceremonies involving eating animals is not ‘immoral’, the anti-Indigenous exploitative meat churning industry which destroys lands and livelihoods is. I think if one wants to eat meat, one should kill it themself or get a friend to do it to absolve themself of this ‘morality’ issue.

super fun game! thx for recomendation

quality of auto closed captions for a few dialects of english

i use

usb cable: adb push/pull

python3 -m http.server 9000

‘Share to Computer’ F-Droid app

i share the video not to convince you, but to hear your points countering its arguments.

Climate change is not a thing of the future. It is a reality NOW for the most vulnerable people in the world. As for fusion, this video by sabine hossenfelder is still the biggest influece on my views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ4W1g-6JiY

If you want top quality accounts, pay the instance subscription fee for NFT and Blockchain backed account suggestions algorithm.

This is the figure they refer to if you somehow managed to skip the arguably most important page of the SPM…


IPCC AR6 WG3 is out.
We must peak by 2025 to limit warming to 1.5°C. We must reduce emissions by 43% [34–60%] by 2030 to limit warming to 1.5°C. WE HAVE TO HALVE EMISSIONS BY 2030. Stats are in page SPM-21. We can halve by 2030. We must halve by 2030. We will halve by 2030.