• @Stoned_Ape
    31 year ago

    This is a good one!

    In my country, it’s called “castration”, and I think that fits the term better, because what happens to cats and dogs is quite brutal. For male cats and dogs, the whole testicle is removed. That’s fucking awful. For female cats, the whole womb is removed. Sounds ridiculous, but that’s sadly “normal”.

    I had to search quite a while for a veterinary to “sterilize” my cats, which in my county means to simply snip the conduit. The very same that happens with a vasectomy. I had veterinaries shout at me for being a bad pet owner, one was even about to call the police. Apparently, people have very strong opinions when they are confronted with a possible alternative that they can’t immediately judge well enough for them to stay cool.

    However, I found a vet that did it. The cat is fine, and loves to fuck around. She has two guys from the neighborhood she enjoys. She actually also just chills with a partner. Just lying in the sun together, cuddling. It’s like a summer love story. Really cute, and I love seeing her being a natural cat.

    She can’t get pregnant anymore, and I kinda feel bad for it, because she didn’t choose that. I did that. However, she got pregnant once, and had 5 children, and had the experience of being a mother. That somehow makes it easier for me.

    Most young removed

    I assume you wrote b-i-t-c-h-e-s. This is a really good example of why automatic profanity filters are stupid. They are easily avoided, and you can’t use words in their original meaning anymore.